Friday, February 5, 2010


Well this week was the week of premieres of new seasons.

Sunday - channel 10 - the premiere of Biggest Loser, So you think you can Dance Aus and House. I used to watch House but think it got way too boring, and who wants to see fat people blubbering anyway.

Monday - channel 10 - 7pm Project of which Scott Pape's segment is getting smaller and before long they won't even have him on :( Biggest Loser = blubbering fat people, Good New Week returned followed by Ross Noble's comedy trip across the country. Can you say Ewan McGregor rip off?

channel 9 had new 2.5 Men, and Big Bang Theory, a new The Mentalist, Simon Baker's not only an Aussie but he's cute too.

channel 7 - started The Morning Show with big Laz Emdur, a new Aussie cooking show called My Kitchen Rules, followed by new seasons of Desperate Houswives, Brothers and Sisters, some show called Royal Pains and new 30 Rock.

Tuesday - channel 10 - 7pm Project, repeat NCIS, but there's new eps this coming week.

channel 9 - Finale of Survivor Samoa.

channel 7 - Morning Show, My Kitchen Rules, which apparently it doesn't in the ratings, and 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy. And come on people, we've all known since last year that it was George who died.

SBS - Why are thin people Fat? It was a really good show that proved that you are the weight your body wants to be! Also had a really good doco on Marilyn Monroe.

Wednesday - channel 10 - 7pm Project, Loser, Dance and new Burn Notice.

channel 9 - new Cold Case. I really want to punch Catherine (Lilly) in the head. She's pathetic.

channel 7 - Morning Show and new CRIMINAL MINDS!!!!!! The Performer featuring Gavin Rossdale. Not a goodlooking guy!

channel 2 had new Spicks and Specks

SBS had Inspector Rex!

Thursday - channel 10 - 7pm, Loser, Dance and new Medium.

channel 9 - CSI New York, and repeat of Charge of this Post.

channel 7 - Bones repeats, although there are new eps on Sunday and I love Castle better.

channel 2 has had a great 3-parter on magazines and how they're put together, by who, what era, Playboy, Ms.,Vogue etc.

This weeks ep of CSI New York is Season 5, ep18, Point of No Return.

The Wham Bam Motel!!!! We all know what goes on there!!!

Ashley and Pete Wentz! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

Marty Pino, can't remember him too much from the first season, clearly not a regular character.

Lindsay being so bored that she found a dead bee and wanted to rope it off and start processing it as a crime scene.

Danny and Flack!!!!!!

Killing junkies to harvest their organs for the heroin just shot into them. 

Danny forgot his safety vest!!!!! BAD BOY!!!!!

Shooting scenes in the warehouse.

Rolling on the floor Danny. Bet Carmine had fun, if not pain, shooting that scene.

One eyed shooting!!!! Good eye!!!!

Danny put his ring on the sink to wash off the blood. Don't ya know that's one way of losing it!!!!!

Stella and Angell bursting into the apartment. Try turning a light on!!!!

Pete and Ashely. For fuck's sake!!!!!

Syd to the rescue!!!

It was followed by a Charge of This Post.

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  1. Good News Week, Ross Noble's show (I've never even heard of that one you mentioned he "ripped off", so I don't care), Criminal Minds.. it's been a good week.

    I missed Big Bang and 2.5 men because my aerial was down on Monday night so I could only get Channel 10 and ABC, but the parents taped Big Bang for me.


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