Friday, February 12, 2010


Well with all the shows starting and some still coming I think I'll be cutting it down to my absolute fav shows on during the week. You all know what I already watch so there's no need to keep repeating the list.

And yes I do watch 7pm Project mainly for my current crush, Scott Pape!!!Meanwhile, lets go with -

Sunday night - Castle - season 2, ep 9, LOVE ME DEAD.

The ADA is murdered and it turns out he was running a call girl racket.

Mmmmmmmmm......Nathon Fillion......mmmmmmm....
Mondays - The Mentalist - season 2, ep 10, THROWING FIRE.

Patrick got hit in the head with a baseball.


He kept having flashbacks to his life a ''psychic wonder kid''.

Baseball dad killed the baseball scout in his zen garden!
Channel 10 has my gorgeously gorgeous husband's show - NCIS - season seven - ep 8, POWER DOWN.
All the lights got turned off in Washington and the boys and girls had to use ''old'' stuff to solve the crime.
Gibbs dragged out his ''old'' camera and McGee was facinated.
Tony (while interviewing the supposed boss of the dead woman) - ''he was a man, a male man.''

Gibbs - book em Dan...ozzo!

My hubby wasn't happy he got stuck with all the paperwork after the power went down!
Wednesday - Ciminal Minds - season 5 - ep 8 - OUTFOXED
Families being killed then buried in the garden.
Hotch and Emily go to see a serial killer in jail to help them figure out who's currently killing army families while the father's are away. He also has a present for Hotch!
Thursday - CSI New York - season 5, ep 19, COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN.
Asian dude killed a guy on a train by shooting at his daughters boyfriend.

Baby was none to happy when I told him I could see his bald spot!!!
Electro gizmo used for computer generated autopsies.
Louie, Clamenza, Alfonse.

Hawkes - ''what are you doing, going through the entire Godfather character list.''
Danny - ''they're names of my family members.'''

Hawkes - ''my parents took six weeks to give me a name.''

Danny - ''your parents took six weeks to name you Sheldon?''

Amos Daniel Messer!!!

I thought we all knew it was a girl? Or was it just hinted at?


Flack speaks Irish!!!

Danny (about Adam) - ''our little bearded friend from the tech republic!!!''

Danny's foot hit the trolley - boy has bad timing!!!
Flack and Angell - international relations!!!!!
Baby girl! I'll say again, didn't we already know!!!!!
Anyhoo, New York won't be on for about three weeks as the network is showing the dumb arse Winter Olympics.
Jewels xxoo

on a quick note, is it Danial, or Daniel? I guess it's where you come from, but for me spelling it Danial looks more like denial.


  1. I thought it was SO lame of Lindsay to tell Danny by message-text : "Oh yah, btw, it's gurl, lolz. kthxbai" !!!

    Cannot wait for these fucking Olympics to end already. And I'm sick of hearing the freakin' song!!!!!!!!!


    Love the text talk!!!!!!

    They started here on Saturday and I haven't watched it, saw a bit of the opening though, is Brian Adams and Nelly Furtado the best you can do??????


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