Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Favourite Things: PURSES!!!!

Hey peeps, last month I posted my fav bags and this month I'm posting my fav purses. These are not all of them, just like I didn't post all of my bags, but the really good ones get a gander here and you get to see my personal addictions!!!

Here we have, down the left side and in the middle, Cardinalis. Cosmetic bags and purses, jewellery rolls, you name it. I also have a Christian Dior black purse in the middle with the little gold chair and bow. On the right is a generic brand toiletry roll and a Fiorelli multi coloured (on the inside) roll up purse. Most of these are being used at the mo, I have sunnies, jewellery etc in them.

Blue Cardinali and Betty Boop coin purse.

I bought these on ebay - heart, clubs, and diamonds. I have the club one in my handbag with my ''first aid'' kit in it.
And I also got these from the same place. Top pic is the front, bottom is the back.

Most of my purses I haven't used yet, but I love things like this, so I end up collecting stuff. I don't smoke or drink so this is what I spend my money on, besides, bags, clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories etc.
Jewels xxoo


  1. I adore your little keyboard purses, so adorable! I only have a few purses, so I'm admiring your collection a lot haha. Do you find you have to wear a specific purse with a outfit, or do you just wear whatever suits your fancy?

  2. That Blue Cardinali coin purse is absolutely adorable! You have such a great collection. =)

  3. Loooove your collection! I can't enough of bags&purses! Shoes too, for that matter... LOL

    And what a coincidence that I see your collection and receive this mail from Chapters.com about "The Handbag: An Illustrated History" : http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/The-Handbag-An-Illustrated-History-COX-CAROLINE/9780061227387-item.html

    I might just buy that book! With the discount, the price is RIDICULOUS!!!

  4. Nikolett - I usually use the one purse and then transfer to a different bag. My sunnies are all in seperate purses so I take whichever colour (silver, gold,etc) I'm wearing. The music purses are in my boombox bag, but most just sit there forlornly waiting to be used.

    Cyn - you need to go back and check out my bags!


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