Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Favourite Things: Kimmidolls!!!!

Over the xmas hols I went shopping and found these cute keyrings with meanings. So, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon coz I love things that mean something.

MOMOKO - 'Peace' - My spirit strengthens and brings prosperity. You share my spirit by always advocating and promoting peace. Embrace my spirit, use its power to build strength, promote unity, and bring prosperity.
KICHI - 'Lucky' - My spirit is curious and adventurous. By trying new things and challenging yourself, you realise my spirit. Discover the power of my spirit to open up new possibilities and greater opportunities.
YUME - 'Dream' - My spirit is imaginative. Dare to dream. Free your imagination and you will discover the power of my spirit. Pursue your vision with confidence and persistance - make your dream come true.
And of course I had to get this one -TAMA - 'Jewel' - My spirit is precious and rare. By valuing the precious qualities you possess, the beauty and wealth of my spirit is revealed. Treasure your uniqueness - let the world see the rare and beautiful jewel you are.
There are more I'd like to get with other meanings and you can see them here at http://www.kimmidoll.com/
Jewels xxoo


  1. Those are kind of cool. I like things that have meanings. And I am totally TAMA.

  2. Kimidolls?! Aren't they soooo adorable. I've never heard of them before til you mentioned it on your post. I'm so curious. I have to go check out the link you gave. I think I want a couple of those too. =)

  3. I got a few Kimmidoll figurines myself lol Anything that are like kokeshi dolls I'll buy! I also made one with polymeric clay. 'Was cute.

  4. I've seen figurines, purses, folders, and I want some more keyrings!

  5. Where can u buy them in NSW Austraia?

  6. Go to the website, click on "where can I buy", then click on your country, it will tell you.


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