Sunday, February 28, 2010


Okay peeps, well it's the last day of February and while the winner of the Literary competition I entered will be announced today, alas, it will not be me.
I found out I didn't even make the short list last week.
It sucks, but I must go on.
So this month I went over my list of publishers and agents, I have about 10 of each, so I'll be sending to all the publishers this week.
I bought manilla envelopes and wrote ''thank you for reading, Jewels Diva'' with a little star in red on the cover. Bought prepaid envelopes to load them into when each partial m.s is printed and have them ready to go. And they got paid with the money I won on lotto and a scratchie!
I'm still Facebooking and Tweeting Ellen Degeneres every day to get her to join the JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE group.
I Tweeted Max Markson, a well known celeb agent to see if he dealt with unpubbed authors, he said to email him so I did, and now I'm just waiting for a reply.
I emailed a couple of magazines and newspapers about getting a column in there mags and papers. Apparently you already have to be a celeb and ''they'' ask you to write for them.
I changed my blog to look like a website with new pages for you all to check out. And Cyn (cyn-b-demented) has been helping me with it. No need to switch to wordpress just yet. I also set up a youtube channel for future videos. Just to make sure I got my name!
I also write in my journal everyday and try and look at my affirmation folder. Apparently my stars for this year all lead to success, celebrity and luck. And some very hot lovin with a very hot new lover!!!!! Mmmmm ...... Scott Pape maybe?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
So I'm trying to remain positive and tomorrow I'll post new positive karmic imprints being the 1st of March!
So what did all of you do this month to help you achieve your dreams?
Jewels xxoo


  1. I still have 4 1/2 hours to hit March! Good luck with the quest. Bitchfest...hey it rhymes...;p

  2. My brother just lent me Scott Pape's book today. My whole family is big on him now. But I'm reading Buffet's book at the moment. Are you interested in Buffet?

    Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for contributing to my drunken blogger post and let you know it's just gone up with your contribution in tact.

  3. Love your quest updates and how much you are putting it out there. Congrats on all the hot lovin you are going to get this year!

  4. Johana - thanks!

    Scoman - finished reading Scott's book last week, and have already started transferring 10% of my pay into my savings account. I used to do it years ago, but got bored with JUST saving, and started spending instead. But now I'm back into saving again. YAY! Warren Buffet is Scott's personal God,lol,and he recommends Warren's book. He even named his Golden Lab Buffet, after the man.

    Tracie - thanks! I hope I get heaps!!!!


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