Friday, February 12, 2010

Contestants on tv shows who think crying and begging with their sob story will get them through.

I wasn't sure what to bitch about today but then I heard a woman win money on tv and she blubbered on about how hubby was going into hospital, yada, yada.

Anyhoo, I don'know about you but I AM SICK TO BLOODY DEATH OF SOB STORIES.

I'm sick of people who clearly don't have balls who think begging and bawling with their sob stories are going to get them through to Idol, X Factor, Think you can Dance, and any other reality tv show these days.

I'm sick of people begging and crying and sobbing their eyes out because they DON'T get what they want.

I once heard someone tell a begger, ''stop begging, it's beneath you''.

Great advice!!!!

I don't watch most of these shows merely for the fact too many people stand there and bawl their fucking eyes out. Try having a ''REAL'' problem to cry over.

But for God's sake, shut the fuck up coz I don't want to hear it.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Hmm... Someones been watching Dance! LOL I hate it too! Instead of playing the sympathy card, why not play the "ok no worries, I'll take you criticism on board and try harder next week" card? Much more admirable.


  2. haha, I agree. Begging just makes you look pathetic. I'm new to your blog, and for sure following you now. You're funny :)

  3. Goes to show how low their self esteem is!!! I hate it too and that's why I don't watch these shows. Well, one of the reasons at least lol

  4. Jaqui - the adds were shown FOR WEEKS before the show even started so I was beseiged by cry babies.

    Crystal - welcome to A Bitchfest Lovefest. Have a look around and leave your replies.

    Cyn - I don't watch these shows coz after all these years of them they're boring. Same shit year in year out.


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