Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday's comedic relief by way of Lolcats!

Welcome to Hump Day's lighthearted comic relief by way of my big furry pussy!
I know what you're thinking you filthy little bastards!!!!!
It's LOLCATS!!!!!
Now I've been checking this site out for most of last year and absolutely love cats. Dogs too, but cats are cuter. And furrier. And funnier!
So here's this weeks fav pics!
And this one is all about my CSI New York addiction!


  1. Those are freaking hysterical!



  2. Aren't they just!

    I love the captions people come up with, but the round of applause must go to the cats who decide they're going to give us the most amazing poses!

  3. Love the arm and leg one hahaha

  4. Hahahaha love those Lolcats you posted XD Kitties are just so adorable and always do something hilarious!

  5. Oh grrr...I just posted a comment and then when I clicked on POST COMMENT the page said that an error occurred. Grrr...Anyhow...What I said in my comment was that these LOLCats are funnnnnny in a disturbing way, especially that second one. That second one is a bit creepy! hehehehe. =)

  6. Yes, I love furry little pussies too!!!!

    Cats just have a way of sucking you in with their furry little looks and actions.


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