Friday, January 22, 2010

My Weekly Tv Review: STILL STUFF ALL ON!!!!!

Hey all, this week has sucked as much as last week and the week before, and the week before, and the week before that!!!!

So my weekly review goes a little like this.

Saturday and Sunday - STUFF ALL AND SUCKED!!!!

Monday - 7pm Project. Scott Pape was on for all of 4 minutes and I timed it. He's the only good thing on Monday nights. And damn he looked good in that shade of blue. So crushing on him right now!!!! They REALLY need to have him on for the whole show, he's much better than Charlie and Dave!!! No Supernatural, no new ep of CSI Miami and pretty much stuff all.

Tuesday - 7pm Project. Then Accidentally on Purpose. I suppose the network got that show because of Jenna being in Dharma and Greg which they still show in the arvos!!! And repeats of NCIS but they're boring so as much as I love my gorgeously gorgeous husband, blah!

Wednesday - shit all.

Thursday - 7pm and CSI New York!!!!!! Which I nearly forgot about!!!!

Season 5, episode 16, ''NO GOOD DEED''.

Eyeball in the coffee.


How much spray does it take Danny to find out if it's human blood on that damn cotton bud!

Danny in a blue shirt! YUM!!!!
Topical ointment. Danny saying to Mac - ''I'm two months away from being a father, why don't you take it!!!''
Danny reading a comic book to his unborn baby in the lab. AWWWW!
Adam's vulture impersonation.

Danny wants to smack Hawkes.

Danny questioning the female sex doctor. She ain't no doctor, she's a PROSTITUTE!!!!! He smirks and get's smarmy when he knows he's got her right where he wants her.

Adam - ''a horny perp''.

Mac saying BOOM!!!! As wrong as everyone else saying it!!!

Picking up the horny perp, Flack's usage of lines. ''Public ugly'', ''Mr Trump''.

The horny perp complaining ''you guys are messed up.''

Danny - ''you got horns in your head and we're messed up!''

This story all seemed to happen on the exact same day because Carmine is wearing the same blue shirt.

Brother and sister not being brother and sister.


It was followed by a repeat of Stealing Home.

Lindsay - ''Have you ever seen a wheat field?''

Danny - ''What's to see, it's just wheat."

Did anyone else notice that at the beginning Stella wore a black coat on the dock, while standing next to Mac, then a murder comes up and she arrives after him wearing a silver coat and he asks her if she's okay.

HELLLLOOOOOO continuity much!!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Continuity is their main problem!

    I LOVE Adam's impersonation XDDD I'm so glad we have him on the show!

  2. Yeah there's still nothing on TV. And with the Tennis on, Channel 7 is still out of action.

    But 7Two has had some good stuff. They were playing The Unit which I only found out about the week before they played the series final.

  3. Scoman, I saw a few eps of The Unit on 7 before they yanked it. It's a good show.


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