Friday, January 8, 2010

My Weekly Tv Review: the only good show was CSI New York coz there was no Supernatural. Bugger!

This week on tv there was crapshit all on!

Most shows are still not back on yet, and the channels have been showing next to nothing in new shows.

Channel 7 has been showing repeats of shit shows we've seen through the year.

Channel 9 has been showing CSI Miami and New York on and off.

Channel 10 has been showing, when they feel like it, Supernatural and Stargate, repeats of NCIS, Lie to Me and Law and Ordrers, along with putting on then yanking off Numb3rs. They've showed White Collar Crime and Accidentally on Purpose and the American version of The Office. And are now advertising a new American show with Chris Noth called The Good Wife. Not to be confused with Army Wives which they showed and then yanked off about 2 years ago.

However, they yanked off Supernatch this week to put a stupid movie repeat instead. But at least next weeks ep sounds good from the review in the TV Week. That's the ep they end up in all the tv shows, playing along.

But channel 9 did put CSI New York on so my personal review is below.

So last nights ep was Season 5 ep 14 - She's not There - where a Russian father was looking for his daughter and it was all about sex trade slaves and prostitution rings.
The only good part of the show - Carmine's!

It was a stormy night in New York and a stabber was at work......

Danny without glasses is ..... Carmine!

''Pretzels, nuts, salt included.''

No wonder he drinks so much!

Danny, get rid of those crows feet baby, you're looking old. Lindsay does that to you.
Scenes with Danny and Flack are becoming more and more part of the show. They're searching for the guy who stabbed the Russian, Flack chases him, Danny chases the karate kicking woman, eventually finding her in a cupboard which he promptly pushes over so she's trapped in it. He sits on it and yells, ''I'm on the phone here,'' and instead of calling the cops, he calls Flack, who's just caught the other guy. He then tells the chick to shut up.

So cool Danny. Leather jacket. Tight Tshirt. Sneakers. Gun.


Then there's the scene where they tag team Nemo.

The drug dealer, not the fish!

So all in all, I'm not a massive fan of N.Y but I do watch it for Carmine and now the scenes between Danny and Flack.

Sweet dreams Carmie!

Jewels xxoo


  1. The only show I've been watching is the local news while I do a No Snow Dance. (My kids have been off for 4 days and they need to get out.)

  2. I was so pissed off when I flicked over at 9:30 and Supernatural wasn't on. Ruined my whole night.

  3. Yep, it wasn't on, and I'm not sure it's on tonight either!


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