Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Weekly Tv Review: only decent show was CSI New York coz Supernatural has been yanked off.

So, it turns out that the TV Week, being printed weeks in advance, got it wrong.

There was NO Supernatural on this week and according to the current TV Week, no one knows when it will be coming back.

So it's been yanked until further notice peeps!

That sucks and so does channel ten.

It doesn't matter how many times people complain to these stations through emails, letters, phone calls, forums etc, they just don't give a shit!

I've had an absolute gutful of crap shows being repeated over summer and when the hell they feel like it. They don't give a crap about the watchers and don't care if you stop watching the network.

Well, until NCIS comes back on, I won't be.

So, here's My Weekly Tv Review, or what there is of it.

Monday - 7pm Project is the only good thing on. CSI Miami was a repeat, and if you love Top Gear, they're showing the old series on SBS. Get in quick before channel 9 starts showing the new series this year.

Tuesday - crap all! besides 7pm.

Wednesday - shit all! besides 7pm.

Thursday - 7pm and CSI New York - season 5, ep 15 - ''The Party's Over'', starring Craig T Nelson, and solving the mayors murder. It was his kid!

The Blue Flu!

Mac in a tux. Running.....

Stella in a short tight black dress. Short much? And keep ya boobs in! up to a crime scene and gets a mysterious phone call then boom! he's out with the blue flu! Who called? It was never mentioned!

Adam on a crime scene?

Danny in a Ceesau tshirt and without his glasses looks like........Carmine! So cute! Danny from a family of cops, yeah, in real life maybe. And he's got a double chin!

It was followed by a repeat of the Kid Rock ep so I went to bed!

Anyhoo, I googled Carmine Giovinazzo married and I came up on page two!

Jewels xxoo

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  1. Sounds a lot like my week. I went nuts tweeting at Channel 10.. did you see? Were you proud? That'll learn them.

    But yeah, all I've been watching is 7pm project. And the Simpsons. Other than that.. meh..


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