Friday, January 29, 2010


This week in tv still sucked. Although on Sunday night Carmine starred in The Learning Curve, also known here as Dangerous Seduction.
He wasnt always so attractive!

Monday - Dharma and Greg and 7pm Project. Again peoples, 4 minutes of Scott Pape is not enough to drool!!!! Look at him, he's so cute!!!!

Tuesday - Dharma and Greg, 7pm, Big Love if you're into having more than one wife.
Wednesday - Dharma and Greg, 7pm, Inspector Rex from Italy. He's a cute German Shepard dog who's a cop. And the final Californication.
Thursday - Dharma and Greg, 7pm CSI New York Season 5 Ep 17, ''Green Piece''
Adam playing hockey when the bomb went off.
Flack is going grey, and yet Eddie is only 32!!!!
Lindsay FINALLY going home to Montana!!!!
Danny about his daughter - ''no guy's getting close enough to her to get her pregnant.''
Carmine now has a plain silver chain and a beaded necklace around his neck. Since when!!!!
Danny - ''your average neighbourhood neo nazi.''
Carmine's bald spot. I keep telling baby not to brush his hair forward from the crown as it wears the hair away.
Danny asked Lindsay to marry him. She said no. Were we supposed to see that scene? After all, channel 9 already missed an ep and just kept going.
Danny loves her!!!!

Since when?????

If he loved her so much why did he cheat with Rikki????

Mac - ''God brought you and Lindsay together.''
Getting married. Danny - ''you and me make sense. You're everything I've always wanted.''
EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SINCE WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The flashback was great for the mere fact that we got to see Danny in glasses again. I miss the glasses. He's so damn sexy in them.

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, up-chuck or break down in a quivering mess of God knows what at that whole wedding scene. So I'll just leave it there for this weeks MY WEEKLY TV REVIEW and thank God that there's a whole shitload of shows coming back next week.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Yeah, other than the 7pm Project there's really nothing on TV still.

  2. Can't believe I still haven't watch The Learning Curve. I thought he was cute with the long hair lol but I much prefer is current hair cut.

    - Eddie's gray hair look great on him IMO! And I like how he doesn't care even though he's on TV. Again, the standards for actor is different than actresses... ugh.
    (By the way, you knew that he got married and is now a father?!)

    - Bald spot! OMGZ! He's not that old, though. But again, sometimes it got nothing to do with age.

    - "If he loved her so much why did he cheat with Rikki????"
    He was being a dawg, of course LOL Like Tiger Woods.

    - Mac - ''God brought you and Lindsay together.''

    Always thought that God was diabolical. Stop messing with Messer, God.

    - Getting married. Danny - ''you and me make sense. You're everything I've always wanted.''

    Was he trying to convinced himself there? lol

    - Can't believe the audience survived the cheesy flash back LOL I guess it was a "nice touch" for the DL fans.

    Love pictures #8 and #9 LMAO! Priceless!!!

  3. I watched Big Love and I think that's it. I'm so boring.

  4. Scoman, apparently Supernatural ain't comin back anytime soon, but loads of shows start from this week.

    Cyn, God really DOES need to stop messing with our heads!!!


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