Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MY FAVOURITE THINGS: songs of the month I'm loving!


Yes that's right. Here in Aus it's Australia Day, like America's Independence Day, yada, yada.

Anyhoo, to celebrate my Aussieness My Fav Things this week will be three songs I am totally loving this month.

First off, 2009's Aussie Idol winner Stan Walker, even though he's from New Zealand a COMPLETELY different country, with his single Black Box.

Then there's Aussie band Powderfinger with Burn your Name. Not normally into this band but the song's good.

And while she's not Aussie, I am REALLY loving Lady GaGa and Beyonce with Telephone. This is not the filmclip but you get the song. PLAY IT LONG AND LOUD PEEPS.


  1. Hmm.. Aussie music is not very good. It's a shame really.

  2. Lady gaga kinda freaks me out. Aussies are hot tho

  3. You would actually list Powderfinger in the likes of Stan Walker (more like Stan fuck off running) and Lady Gaga. POwderfinger are a real rock band. They write their own music and have their own style. The other two are manufactured hits of the minute. They are only hits because dumb shits like you support this talentless garbage.

  4. Listen anon you dumb arse dickhead. I SAID!!!! I LIKE THE SONG AND I'M NOT NORMALLY INTO POWDERFINGER.

    Read the fucken post properly before leaving your shit you knob!


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