Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Favourite Things: Food = NACHOS!!!!!!

woooooohoooooo I loves me food!!!!! And one of my fav things to scoff is NACHOS!!!!!!

So here are some quick tips to making my delicious nachos which I think are the best, but feel free to make it your own.

Step 1 - get a bag of Doritios Nacho Cheese. These have been the best I've found, but if you like another brand, up to you. Also, a nice meaty dip, can be Doritos as well, or CC's, I use mild as I don't like hot and spicy.
Step 2 - get a microwave dish, if it's a small serve for one, as below, then a small one is best. If making for several people get a larger container.

Step 3 - lay a serve of chips over the bottom of the container.
Step 4 - blob on your dip.
Step 5 - sprinkle on a good melty cheese. I use tasty, coz it melts well and tastes good!
Step 5.5 - if making in a large container repeat steps 3 - 5 so it's double layered.
Step 7 - throw in the microwave and buzz it for 45 seconds (I have a 900 watt micro) so adjust to your micro wattage. The cheese should be fairly melty but not looking rubbery.

And walla, a bloody good nachos for your enjoyment.
Of course you can put anything on it other than dip, or no dip at all.
mmmmmm ......... nachos......
Jewels xxoo


  1. Looks yum. But, living alone, I don't like to have whole bags of nachos like that around. Not healthy. And I also don't like to have people over, so that doesn't solve my problem.

    Maybe I'll just eat the whole bag of nachos by myself. That sounds like a good plan. Yum.

  2. Damn...that looks good. It's only 8:10am on this side of the pond and I'm already craving nachos and Doritos. Not a good thing.

    It's gonna be one longass day!

  3. Ok gosh, that looks yummy! Do send some my way. hehehehehe.What a treat! I think I'm going to make mine hot and spicy, I'm just addicted to spicy anythings. =)

  4. Damn those nachos look good. Funnily enough there's that part of the male body called the nacho (between the bits that only lovers and doctors see). Why? Because is nacho willy and its nacho ass!

    Don Joe of www.workforced.com

  5. That looks really, really good. An excellent accompaniment to trashy tv.

  6. What I like to do, when I run out of salsa (even sometimes when I have salsa but just feel like something cheesy), I use Mexicana Doritos (they're a little spicy) and cover them with shredded tasty cheese. YUMM :)

  7. OMG~ they look shit~ kidding. they are awesome!@


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