Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Favourite Things: BAGS!!!!!!

Okay peeps, I promised to start my fav things with all my goodies that I've been buying in the last year on my journey to diva-ness, so I'm now going to show pics of my bags, most I bought in 2009 but some I already had. So here we go!

I've had these for awhile. A hot pink Fiorelli bag with handle on the left for $6, a HUGE pink multi colour floral bag in the middle for $2.50 and a spiffy little shopping bag with a heart on the right for $5.
My hot pink animal stripe, and blue star both $15 each, and animal fur for $20. I realised they were all in the same design when I set them out beside each other. Of course, since one must have a variety, you cannot go past a quick and easy case.
These bags were xmas pressies for 08/09. Mum got me the black one! They were both on sale for 50% off.
And one must have clutches in a varity of colours and sizes. These were about $3.50 each.
These were $5 each.

These were $5 each as well.
And then I decided to go all animal on myself and buy this bag and matching purse for about $26 from the U.K.

The I went all green and black with my Kermit bag and purse, also from the U.K. Pricey at $50.

Then there was my boombox bag. About $26.

My Rubiks Cube bag for $20.

My clock for $23.

My gold phone for $32.

My little halloween purse for $30.

My red lips which I initially paid $20 for but when I saw it didn't look as good as the one in the photo I asked for a partial refund and got 50% off.
So I painted it with red glitter fabric paint!
And last but definitely NOT least
The emphasis on Ed Hardy for Al!!!!!
Which looks great in the ebay pic but turned out a dark teal and not as nice but still looks great! Cost me $150 from the U.S and it's my most expensive bag to date.

And let me tell ya peeps, that's not all of my bags but they are the best.
Jewels xxoo


  1. I was reading this thinking "I don't know anything about bags. I'm not sure what you say about peoples bags. Bags are just.. things.."

    And then I got to the Rubicks cube one and thought "Now THAT is awesome."

    So that is what I will say about your bags. Your Rubicks cube one is awesome.

  2. ed hardy makes my eyes WEEP. haha

  3. Wow, that's a lot of bags! I only have a few and I think I use 2 of them.
    I love the Kermit one, definitely my favorite!

  4. Oooh! your collection is enviable! My collection is more along the lines of Diaper Bags....sigh...

  5. Can I call you the Bag Lady? tee hee! Kidding! I really love the Animal and Rubic's Cube bags! Those are awesome!

  6. Cyn, you can call me the funky bag lady, I don't mind!


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