Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okay peeps, time for the end of Jan check in on what you've done to help yourself get to your dreams.

For those reading about this for the first time you can read the original post here and join the Facebook group and leave your imprint here.

Okay, for me, I have dragged out my affirmation folder, bought a brand new spiffy red folder for it and switched it over.

I took the logo that I made for JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE and using the same clip art software, I made a page with all of my imprints on it that I want to achieve, pretty much the same as I mentioned in first time I posted about setting this up, and printed it out and put it on the first page in my folder.

I made and printed a mock cover of my book that I want to see published.

I started buying all the blue, pink and red sharpie textas, pens, pencils etc I've been able to find for the future signings of my book on my book tour.

I dug out a letter set and photo book that I have with red kisses on it. I found my pens in the shape of lipsticks, and dug out big pink paperclips so I can set up my ''travel stationery'' set for that press tour I'll be on.

I also searched ebay for ANYTHING blue with pink kisses and got myself a small pink lips clutch, similar to the red bag I posted a pic of in my fav things: bags!

I started emailing, Facebooking and Tweeting Ellen Degeneres to let her know about the group so she can talk about it on her show and get her followers to join. She's so into that stuff.

And, I've started looking into switching my blog to Wordpress to give it more of a website feel so I can add lots of future pages, photos, podcasts, vlogs, publicity etc. And I've made logos and what not for it. So if anyone's got any ideas about setting one's blog up to look like a website let me know.

I needs to gets myself prepared peeps, the book awards are announced in a few weeks so I'll find out I'm going to be published.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Great stuff!

    As for the blog thingy, I'm pretty much into that stuff so if I can help in any way, I'll be happy to! :D And Blogger as now implement a new feature in "Layout". You can now easily add pages like on Wordpress (about, contact, etc.) You can read more about it on Blogger's official blog :

    There's also many CSS template for free made for Blogger on various websites. If you want some link, let me know I've got a bunch! And if you ever need help with CSS and stuff, I could always make the coding according to your needs :D

  2. Well, I finally got around doing mine. Couldn't sleep so I figured : Why not? lol


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