Monday, January 11, 2010

Indian Government claims attacks on Indian men in Australia are because of race. Well then fuck off and don't come back!

There's been some bashings of young men since last year, and just this last week or so several stabbings, one which resulted in the death of a man.

Now, none of that is nice. We all wish we could live in a nice and happy real world where there was no violence against anyone, no stealing, raping, theft, no arseholes basically, but that's not the real world we do live in.

People everyday are attacked. Male, female, child, young, old, tall, short, thin, fat, etc. How many are because of a race?

My problem with these bashings is this.

People, the country of India, are claiming the attacks are racially motivated.

The young men being bashed are Indians.

Now if any caucasian is attacked, other races don't give a shit and no one claims it's racially motivated.

Taxi drivers have been attacked for years, mainly for their money and people running off and not paying.

I don't believe they're racially motivated. What they are motivated by are drunken illiterates who have no fucking idea about how to live in the real world and get a real job so they can pay for things instead of bashing the driver, who did nothing to you, and running off with or without his night's pay.

But because of the victims being Indian, it comes down to race.

Now I have bitched about these things before.


Other countries, especially Asian, Middle Eastern, etc, love making it about them, and how it's because of their culture or race or religion.


For me it comes down to this.

I don't give a shit what race you are, what sex, what age, what religion, what colour, what sexuality you are.

If you rape, you're a rapist. If you kill, you're a murderer. If you molest, you're a molester.

And to me, if you talk like a knob and act like a knob YOU'RE A FUCKING KNOB!!!!

So no, I don't believe these attacks have anything to do with race. But I bet the Indian Gov isn't too quick to look at what their young Indian men are up to and doing while they're studying in another country.

Has anyone asked what they get up to?

The young man who was stabbed was on his way to work. That sucks! Doesn't mean it was because he was Indian.

The indian guy who got burned claiming he was dragged from his car and set on fire, may have done it himself.

The neighbours heard no shouting, just a big bang when the car exploded. He's only got like 15% burns, and the CSI's and car forensic team can't find proof that it was the way the Indian claimed.

SET UP much!

He must have been watching too many CSI's.

The Indian Gov doesn't like us much these days. Well then stop sending your people here then and maybe we wouldn't have so many problems with stabbings and attacks. And stop printing cartoons like this ya fucking knobs!

I know ANYONE can be attacked for no seeming reason when they walk down the street. But there is ALWAYS a reason and it could be something so insanely stupid it's beyond even my comprehension.

Kids and teenagers fight, stab or kill for sneakers, jewellery or a jacket that the victim is wearing. And they don't even know them but they stab or kill them anyway.

The world has slowly gone insane. And if this was God's plan then he screwed up royally. So he'd better get his arse down here and sort them all out. Coz quite frankly, death by dying just ain't fast enough!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I think that some of the attacks at least are racially motivated. There's no denying there are racist people in Australia, there are racist people in every country.

    Are all of the attacks racially motivated? Perhaps. Some might be motivated by greed.

    But based on some of the parts of Melbourne this has been occurring in, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them were based on race.

    They're just the sort of places where bogans would get drunk, go out and bash someone for being different.

  2. There's still a lot of crimes that are racially motivated, even nowadays. It ain't true that people are less ignorant and open-minded. And I seriously don't think sending the immigrants back to where they come from and stopping them from coming in would decrease the amount of crimes, stupidity and ignorance. That's just something that can apply to any religion, race, clique, etc. No one's safe and you never know when it hits you lol

    But I understand what you mean. People cannot separate what is stereotype from racism and whatnot anymore. Not learning how to think/write/talk is probably as the base of this mental fuck up, IMO.

    As for the immigrants here, they won't be making friends any time soon because of the bill C-428...

  3. Jewels

    I began my own blog but sort of gave up on it because everything I want to bitch about you've already bitched about!! We have so much in common it's not funny. I agree with you again on this issue. If you're scared to come here, don't come! At least there'd be more university places, jobs and housing for Australians.

  4. Exactly!!!!

    We don't have enough ANYTHING for the people that DO live here.

    And thanks for kind words!

  5. Well as it runs out that prick did burn himself as it was a failed insurance scam, pity the burns were not more severe. Fuck the lot of them, they come out here as 'students' and it seems they never return to turd land. If the terms bandy around so freely (racist), well I one and fucking proud of it. Cause I want my country for my own people and don't want to keeps paying taxes to support these lying thieving bastards who are using our resources and then shitting on us. AHH !!! that feels better now.


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