Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti's been flattened like a pancake but don't expect my money to come your way!

As you all know, Haiti was pretty much flattened by an earthquake. They suffered several cyclones last year and now this.
While I feel for people who lose everything they have, I don't believe the rest of the world needs or should pick up the tab.
We constantly come to the aid of every other country when they have cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc, but the money givers MUST consider their own country first.
Australia does not and cannot survive with the amount of people it already has. We have no resources by way of food, water electricity etc to support the 22 million already here. Pensioners don't receive enough, workers are constantly striking for pay rises, and old folk get no care at all. While foreigners who come here get everything. New houses, cars, government money etc.
And there lies the problem of giving it away to other countries. Our dumb arse Prime Minister already does that, giving millions of dollars away every year to other poor countries just to support them. Although Indonesia DOES NOT need our money.
That money should be cut off, and spent on fixing our hospitals, getting through the surgery lists, dentists, child care, health care etc. The pollies should take a massive pay cut, lose all of their funding for ''special'' things and live on what the rest of us live on.
So that brings me back to Haiti. It was dirt poor to begin with. People worked for $1 a week, they lived on the street or in badly built shanty towns, the place was basically run down and in the shits, and yet, the world is giving money, make that the rich people of the world are giving money, and they want us too as well.
If every person gave money, the dirt poor countries would be rich and we'd be third world nations.
We CANNOT keep giving millions of dollars to a country everytime it has a natural disaster.
I know it sucks, and 1000's die, but did you ever stop to think it's God's way. Nature has to clean out the population.
Death is a fact of life. We're born, we live, we die. People must die, and diseases and natural disasters are God's way of doing it.But what I'm sick of is money going left right and center everytime a country gets flattened.
Haiti was a dirt poor country before, now it's going to be filthy rich and WE get to suffer for it. To pay for all the gst money going overseas, the taxes go up and we can no longer afford to pay rent, mortgages, gas, electricity, buy food, clothes, send our kids to school, go to work, just SURVIVE!
Haiti, you ain't getting my money, and as for everyone else, stop asking me to donate every single time a country has a natural disaster. It's nature people, leave it alone. And it also pisses me off to the eyeballs.
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  1. I feel that way about celebrities asking for money in all these "Telethons"....ooooh so they donated some freakin' time to be on TV asking the rest of us for our money. Big fuckin' deal. They should pony the money up themselves. They can afford it. In 10 years time I don't make even a quarter of what most of Hollywood makes in one year.

  2. I was actually surprised at how little the Pollies get paid. Sure it's more than me, but it's nothing like what they could get in the private sector.

    I think if you ask them to get a pay cut they'd all walk to companies who will pay them multiple times what they're earning now, we'd end up with people in the job who aren't prepared to put in the hours and who don't have the qualifications necessary to do the job, and.. well.. "State Bank of Victoria" ring a bell?

  3. I also wonder if it's God's way of bringing peace to the world. Have you noticed how the world pulls together when one country is in crisis? I'd go as far as to say it's a blessing in disguise to humanity.

  4. Jaqui good point that! Who knows except for God!

  5. You REALLY believe Haiti will be rich because of the money people send?! That's naive. Haven't you ever wonder why Africa or Haiti (or just pick the needyof your choice) never got rich or back on their feet after all the money people sent? Mainly, it just never goes to the people in need. It's just big, fat ol' corruption disguise under charities and whatnot. What Canada send to Haiti for last year never got received... HOW SURPRISING?!!!!! I think not. It's like our taxes just making 'em governements and white-collar criminals richer and us, poor stupid Middle-Class, believing whatever's coming out of their ass (oops, mouth).

    We're on the bare bones here and yet it's the poorest that gets ask to send trillions again, again and over again. I just received a message-text of Virgin (my cellphone provider) to text and send money to Haiti. Now that's the last straw!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cyn, I know what you mean and that's why I'm sick of it. Aussies live on the bare essentials as well, especially the pensioners. They live on far less than what workers get per week.

    And I know the fat cats take it all. Robert Mugabe knows all about that. I was just saying with all the money being taken from the poor to fix the even poorer then it's like they're gonna be richer and we'll be dirt poor.

  7. Fuck Haiti- The earthquake is just Gods way of culling them


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