Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dannii Minougue pregnant at 38. Apparently she's too old!!!!

Here we go again.

It would seem that now that Dannii Minogue has anounced her pregnancy everyone is now back on the ''is she too old to have a child and why do women wait so long'' bandwagon.

She's 38!

I've said it before, I'll say it again.


Some women can't have children, others don't want them. Then there's being single and not finding a guy, not being in a decent relationship, your partner not wanting kids, putting a career first, which you should so you can afford to have the damn kid in the first place. Then there's those that want to get through their 20s before having a kid. But by then we've left it too late and our eggs age and we can't get pregnant as well, and diseases creep in and God knows what the hell else.

Stop picking on us women. If we want kids we'll damn well have them when WE are ready and NOT when you tell us too.

Although you get on teenagers backs when they have kids so I guess there's no ''ACTUAL BEST TIME'' to have kids unless we get bitched about because YOU think we should have them at a ''certain age''.


If you want to populate the God damn country then YOU have them!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. My mother was nearly 40 years old when she had me (and smoked the whole way through her pregnancy - not that that has any relevance but thought you might find that interesting) and there's nothing wrong with me! I was a mistake and therefore not a "life choice" though. Either way, if and when people choose to have children is their own decision to make and no one elses. Let's not forget that people mature at different rates so what might be the "right time" for one person, may not be for another. I think we need to stop looking at children as a source of income during our retirement (if you're so worried, put your own money away for your retirement, you scumbag!) and instead think about the implications of having children for the simple reason that it's the "right time" and we "should". I totally agree with you about being financially secure before bringing children into the world because what is the point of having kids if you can't look after them and need to rely on government handouts? Kind of defeats the purpose of having kids to fuel our superannuation, don't you think? Go Jewels!

  2. I promise you, I will not be pregnant at 38.

    Will she judge me?


    She judges everyone.


  3. Ah Scoman, you always have such interesting things to say!


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