Thursday, January 14, 2010

A brand new idea for a brand new decade. Join now!

Okay peeps on Wednesday I came up with a fantastical idea that hit me like a tonne of bricks, all thanks to Alyssa.

Sometime last year Al changed her blog name to ''JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE.''

So, with some added positive thinking, good karma etc, that's what we'll do.
You all know about ''The Secret'' and similar books about positive thinking and affirmations. What you think, be, act, do must be positive.

Well that's what we'll do to put it out to the world and leave our positive karmic imprint. It will be called -


Some people write down all the things they want and find, after a year or so, they've done / achieved everything. Others have vision boards, using cardboard or corkboards, where they pin pics of all the things they want, to be, to do etc and place it on their desks, or by their bed so they see it when they wake up in the morning or go to sleep at night.

I had a list once when I was a teenager, and years later found I had either gotten the things or no longer wanted them.

And a few years ago I made an affirmation folder, where I cut down coloured scrapbook pages to fit A4, covered them in pics of everything I wanted, to do, to be, etc, and while I haven't looked at it for awhile, I have tried to be and stay positive while striving to achieve all the things I want.

For example. 

Back in 2006 I wrote a novel. That's in the folder, but it's my second book that's currently in a competition to be published. And if I win, then there's a chance my first novel may be published too.

We'll see.

So that's what I'm doing here, JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE, and you can too.
I know it's the 14th of Jan, and that's 14 days too late with the idea, but on the first of every month I'll post my imprints and you can too. Then on the last day of the month I'll post to see if anyone's has happened or is on its way. You can have one or more, they can be the same every month or different, they can be for the coming month or for the year. It doesn't matter as long as they're positive and affirming.

So here's mine -

I am the winner of the literary competition I entered my novel into.
My book has been published and is hugely successful.
I am a successful author.
Bitchfest! tv is on your screens and is a hugely successful tv show.
Bitchfest! radio is on the air and is a hugely successful radio show.
Bitchfest! is hugely successful and provides me with all I need financially.
I am a successful business woman.
I am successful in all the businesses I enter into.
I am happy and loved by all.
I am healthy and loved every day.
I am with the man I love. Who is all I want him to be. I am respected and equal, loved and nurtured, provided for and supported in all I am, do, be, think, and feel by the man I love. And I love him too. Totally, completely, with all of my heart, body and soul, and every fibre of the being God made me.

So there you have it folks, they're mine for the next two weeks of this month, and maybe for every month.

So leave your imprint on the world, and at the end of the Jan I'll check in with all of you to see what's happened and start the next one for the first of Feb.

Tell all of your friends and followers to get on over here and follow the idea, and don't forget to click on my brand new Facebook group and IMPRINT yourself to this fantastical idea (it's under my followers in my sidebar) and we'll see how many we can get signed up by Dec 31st 2010. We are going to start a force in positive imprints on the world and see how we change it AND us for the better.

Bit of a contradiction considering my blog's name is Bitchfest! I've already renamed it ''A Bitchfest Lovefest!''


a very happy, successful and loved Jewels xxoo.


  1. Beautiful idea!

    I totally join in this new positive adventure! :D I'll write about it on my blog and try to post regular positiveness (what I mean by "try" is that I'm not very a regular blogger lol). Lately I've been quite down so it might help me shake things up a little bit!

  2. I am going to get money from.. somewhere, and never have to work again.

  3. gosh im impressed that my blog inspired something positive. hahahahaha all i do is whinge and laugh at peoples misfortunes!

    But glad i could do good in the world.

    I stand by my ed hardy comments.


    AL - you reckon you whinge and laugh, this blog's called BITCHFEST!!!!!!!

    And I stand by my Ed Hardy bag!!!!!!!!


    It's hard to make a pile of realistic and unrealistic stuff of all the things I want! ;) And trust me when I say unrealistic stuff LOL

    So. I finally came down to 3 things I really want to achieve :

    - By the end of the year, I will have drawn my first attempt at a comic book and it will be a good one. (<= I'm a modest, after all)

    - In the upcoming months, I will have find a fulfilling job in graphic designs.

    - In three years max., I will have move out to Alberta with my fiancé, have a fulfilling job in graphic designs, started my own business with my sister and be prosperous with it.

    By the way, I've talked about your idea on my blog. You can check it out for what's it worth lol Doubt you'll understand everything coz it's in French! (started my blog all over again so let's see who will join on my side and I'll let you know ;D)

  6. Hey sweetie. That's a wonderful idea. Staying positive and having such affirmations is such a motivation. I think I'll have to do one of those also. =) Have a great weekend sweetie.


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