Thursday, January 7, 2010

21 year old Carly Alvisio sues school for being stabbed with a pencil

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
I have so much to bitch about that I think you'll be getting a bitch 5 days a week so much has happened including what went down at my local shopping centre today. But I'll have to leave that for Monday coz I have this and tomorrow's post to get out of the way. And don't forget my Quote of The Week in the post below!
Last night, on A Current Affair, (video can be seen here, second row down) there was a story about a girl, who's just turned 21, suing her old primary school for something that happened when she was there about 12 yers ago.
She stabbed herself in the finger with a pencil!
Apparently, she was holding a pencil, another kid fell on her, and the the pencil tip pierced her forefinger.

Nothing happened at the time, but now that she's 21, she's suing the school, get this, for $95,000 in lost wages and lack of use of her finger because it cramps when she uses a pen or tries to cut hair at the hair dressers she works at.
Poor didumms!!!!!!!
Everyone thinks it's a joke. And she very hastily took down all the Facebook and Myspace pics of herself tattooed, pierced and holding a gun when she realised everyone was making a joke out of her. I can't even find her now!
A lawyer claims she has grounds for suing, and the law states you must wait 3 years after your 18th birthday, so that makes her 21.
Now here in Aus, if you are under 21, you only get junior wages, and not an adult wage, so she can't really claim lost wages, and as for cramping when you write or cut hair, DUH! we all get that.
Quite frankly, it's just a stab for money and the poor Lutheran Church who runs the school is freaking out.
But what a crock of shit!!!!!
Let me tell ya bitch, I'll stab ya with more than a pencil!!!
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  1. What is it these days that you can sue anyone for such stupid things when the REAL cases takes decades to get solved. UGH! I'm gonna have a fit here...

  2. I know, she clearly wants money, unless her family put her up to it.

    Watch the video, you'll see the reporter rock up to the house and push a button on the rock wall of the mail box.

    Posh place!!!!

  3. People are able to sue each other for too many things these days. It's crazy. I guess this is why people hate lawyers (that and you know, all the evil and arrogance)

    My neighbour is suing a local club because she may or may not have been knocked down the stairs there. The original story I heard was she was knocked down. The story today was the person in front of her spilt beer on the steps and she slipped on that.

    She mentioned considering suing the person who was involved in her fall but said "You can tell by looking at them it would be a waste of time".. so she goes after the next one in line.

    She definitely did go down the stairs, but is it the clubs fault? I don't see how.

  4. i thought stuff like that only happened in the u.s. ...

  5. wtf? i missed this one in the papers...

    if it is SUCH an issue then why did she take up a career in something that requires her finger? and how did she make it thorugh 3 years of tafe learning to cut if she was in that much pain.

    lazy fucking bitch.

  6. Let me get this right. She's suing the school because she stabbed herself with a pencil 12 years ago? Seriously?

    Perhaps she could sue because the school let her graduate despite being an idiot. Better yet, her teachers should sue her for wasting their time when they could have been helping students who have a chance in the real world.

  7. Well, being the Lutheran Church I don't think they'll be suing her, but I can't wait to see if this is thrown out of court.

  8. It's not the first time her old schools been in trouble..some kid sued them for bullying and got $150,000..if she gets it good on her..if not..she'll been forgotten.

  9. hahahahaha. i got told the principal got caught drink driving rather a former pupil sue over a pencil stabbing..then having a dead citizen.

  10. Methinks the two anonymous's above may know of the school and all that goes on there!

  11. LOL. What a dumb arse. I work in a law firm and I can tell you with certainty that she won't win because she doesn't have a leg to stand on. If she was happy to do a hairdressing course for 6 months to a year and then do an apprenticeship, it obviously wasn't bothering her. I stabbed someone with a pen through the webbing between their thumb and forefinger in high school once. He cried but he got over it. Suck it up bitch or find another job. I'd like to see how her lawyer is going to prove that the kid falling on her client was the fault of the school. It's called a CHAIN OF CAUSATION, you dimwit, maybe you should go back to uni.

  12. Ohhh Jacqui come back anytime to dispense your legal advice!


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