Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why I've been gone for a week and never have this done to you.

Okay peeps, as I mentioned in one of last weeks post, I was not going to be around for the week due to surgery.

For years now, I've been having pain during my cycle, and after seeing a gynie back in August, he told me the likely cause was endometriosis. Where the lining of the uterus grows outside of itself into your other organs.

Fucking great, I thought, and decided to pay for the surgery instead of waiting on the public list.

Now, I had a laparoscopy, which means they blew me up with gas to open my stomach and body. So essentially I looked like octomum when she was pregnant.

They then stuck a teeny tiny tube into my belly button, shoved a camera inside and had a good look around at my privates.

After scraping that thing around inside of me, while I was lying naked on the table with strangers all around, they saw nothing wrong with me and sent me to recovery. Where I lay like a drunken sailor for an hour or so, without undies and without vomiting. Although I was quite dizzy and got panadol for the pain I did not yet feel.

So off I was wheeled into the day stay area of the hospital I had to pay for and there I lay, dizzy as a nutter after spinning around 100 times. After awhile I got up to be wheel chaired into the toilet but ended up throwing up instead. So back into the day stay area I went and sat on a jason recliner in pain.

After munching on some toast and sandwiches for hours, and bleeding out of my privates, my gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly took me home to nurse me back to health.

Two days later I called my doctor to find out what the prob was and he was in surgery so I awaited his call in pain. Turns out, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!




Anyhoo, turns out, all the pain I've been getting during my cycle is not to do with my privates and that was a big fat waste of money and pain. But at least I know there's nothing wrong with me.

Let me tell you people, if you need a laparoscopy, don't have it on your stomach. The pain is atrocious!!!!

still in pain Jewels xxoo


  1. Well, I guess it's worth the expense to now know there is nothing wrong with you.. which doesn't explain why you have pain during your cycle.

    It would also have been nice if they could have told you there's nothing wrong with you without tearing you open.

    But at least there's nothing wrong with you, so that's the good news.

  2. Pretty invasive, couldn't they have done an ultrasound or some such first?

    Glad you're ok though.

  3. Hey Jewel, I had that surgery done; they found and removed the endometriosis. For the first cycle after the surgery I felt great for my period, but the next month I was back to vomiting from the pain because my cramps were so intense. I decided to have a hysterectomy since I don't want kids and I was so sick of the pain. Dude, life is soooo much better since I had that surgery. I still have my ovaries, but the uterus and cervix are gone.

    What sometimes causes pain is endometriosis (I think it is called indometriosis) inside the uterus, which the doctors can't see unless they remove the uterus (i.e., hysterectomy). This may be where your pain is coming from.

    If you want children, I've been told that it helps to have kids because for some reason after giving birth the period cramps are no longer as intense as pre-child days.

    I'm sorry to give such a graphic description, but I totally understand bad cramp pains. I'd be laid out on my couch for two days crying and huddling in pain between vomits. I figure telling you some of what I learned may help you. Take care.

  4. Steph - I had an ultrasound last year and it showed nothing.

    Cyn - graphic, yes. They looked with the camera and found nothing. Although I have found that taking calcium pills helps with the pain, so since I've been taking them, the pain has been almost cut out. I might want a kid sometime in the future, but not being a baby making machine like octomum, one might be enough. But I'm not going to pop one out just for the sake of stopping the pain.

  5. Geez!.... I'm fighting mixed emotions right now. I feel worried for you and all this pain and angry because of these bastards! I guess there are some situations when the doctors really can't tell unless they try something but wasn't that pretty intense for a try?! Anyways, like Steph said, at least now you know for sure that it's not that and won't have to be open again. Well, they better not or they'll have a fucking Bitchfest at the hospital... LOL

    I never heard of these kind of pains/health problems related to cycles. But my mom was blowed up like this for fibroids removal...

    Hope you are feeling better now and get well soon, darling!!!!!!!! You so lucky to have the gorgeous gorgeously Micheal to nurse you! I hope he strip-tease just like in that episode from The Sopranos! ;D

  6. Ah Cyn, good to have you back. Yes, there is nothing wrong with my privates, but that means there's pain for a different reason.


    Unfortunately as I get older, I have more aches and pains, so it's back to the doctor to try and sort them all out.

    And no, Michael didn't strip tease, the pain from the gas they blew me up with was too painfulL and I needed to be flat on my back for days and that just made it worse. So I got no Mikey action.



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