Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Strange lists and website's you've popped up on since being online!

Okay peeps, since I'm currently as sick as a dog with some head thing, sore throat, can't talk, stuffed sinus etc, I'm posting three posts for the week and then buggering off until next week.

I know, and just 3 weeks after having surgery which I AM STILL RECOVERING FROM. Let me tell you, don't sneeze while lying flat on your back, it rips your guts up. Especially mine which ripped up the area he'd gone probing in.


This one is just a quick thing to ask if anyone has google alerted themselves. As in signed on for google alerts about yourself. Of course, any self respecting blogger would, right?

Anyhoo, the latest alert I received told that I had made the ''LISTORIUS LIST''

All very weird the things we end up on when signed up to a blog, or Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, or the myriad of other websites to sign up to.

Just wondering if anyone else had a strange list or site they've popped up on since starting a blog etc.

Jewels xxoo


  1. I don't know what much of this means. Obviously I'm not a self respecting blogger because I'm not down with this new thing.

  2. It's going to happen. We are everywhere on the internet, even places we've never visited.
    Mysterious places...


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