Sunday, December 6, 2009

Numb3rs, CSI New York and Doctor Who! All on Aussie tv this week.

Okay peeps, I am back, but more about my absence in the other post.

This week, channels 10 and 9 both brought back my fav shows. And you know how I have bitched all year about how our networks put on, take off, pull off, throw on etc when it comes to shows.

Well, since summer viewing time is now here, as our regular shows have finished and the networks have yanked off the fast tracked new US series, ie: NCIS, NCIS L.A, Criminal Minds etc. But they have thrown on last years seasons of Numb3rs! Don't even know what ep we're up to, but let's hope it stays awhile.
And then there's, yes peeps, you guessed it ............CSI NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

However, channel 9 seems to have completely jumped an ep. Yes, that's right, the network seems to have gone from ep 9 to ep 11. They completely jumped ep 10, The Triangle, so I got to miss out on Danny proposing to Lindsay. Well, that could be seen as a good thing I suppose.....And then of course tonight, since the show with David Tennant has ended and the new Doctor Who has already started filming the new series, the second of four movies will screen tonight. The adds for the movie seem to contain Zombies ......... which leads me to my final section ...
The final ep of Dead Set on SBS ends tomorrow night (Monday) and thank God zombie season has ended. I really don't know how many more I could sit through.
Jewels xxoo


  1. Ove Numb3rs. Glad you weren't bitching about it, because that is what you do here and if you had that would have upset me greatly.
    Can't wait for the next episode.

  2. Why would I bitch about Numb3rs, I love the show, I hate what channel 10 does with it.

    The networks SUCK!!!!

  3. I never watched Numb3rs! What it is about?

    Sooooooooo happy that you finally get to know what happens next with CSI:NY and a little bit less happy that you get to know more about the DL Nutfest. But they seem to have calm down for S6. Guess some people were reading the boards... LOL

    This week's CSI:Miami was starring John Patrick Amedori (Amadori?) ! I usually don't watch Miami but I was happy I did last night lol He was good. Wished he would have kept his hair long, though. Now it makes him look younger. Well, he's about my age but whatever... LOL

  4. Oh, zombie season? Really? Seem like they stretch Halloweenie way too long lol

  5. Yep, Zombie season was only for 5 weeks while they showed Dead Set, so thank FUCKING GOD IT'S OVER!!!!!

    Pity dumb arse channel 9 had to jump an ep though.

    Cyn, numb3rs is good, you should check it out, although they're up to like season 6 or something.


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