Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lolcats and frostys! These crack me up!

This one has nothing to do with cats but it's xmassy anyway!

Oooohhhh spooky cats eyes. Imagine if he really did bring him home.
Spot the kitty!
Bahahahaha, such a cute jumper, but not a happy kitty.


  1. The death one is cool. If I could invite a friend I'd probably bring a reaper (Georgia Lass.. or maybe Mason. Or Rube if I can find him) and the snowman one is cool too. Except I think I've seen it with different words before. This one must be funnier because I remember this one but not the other one.

  2. the third one and the last one is super cute! awwww....Happy New Year sweetie! =)

  3. The first picture is my favorite because the second looks like my old cat and she would probably have hung out with the grim reaper if I let her.

  4. The cat sweater is my fav...probably what I look like when the alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning... I wouldn't get too close...

  5. Yes, lolcats are such fun to look at!


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