Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knobs who don't reply to the emails they tell you to send!!!!!!

Hey peeps, since I am still in pain from the surgery, damn gas they blew me up with affects the nervous system and the pain ping pongs around my body from my shoulder to my ribs to my other shoulder to my stomach, I'm posting this until next week as I will be busy auditing my life and catching up on stuff before rellies and xmas. Thus, once done, I will be posting pics of all the goodies I bought this year, clothes, hats, shoes etc so we can drool over girly goodies in my process to my fabulousness.

But for now, my bitch!

I want to bitch about people who ask you to email them and then they don't reply.

Awhile back, I read a book about money, and at the end of the book, the author gave her email add and said to email her with any questions etc.

So I did.

Did she get back to me?


Haven't heard a God damn thing!!!


Recently, I read a book about skin, and all the probs you can have etc and what you should do to fix it. Well, once again, at the back of the book the author left their email add to email them if I had any questions.

So I did.

Did they get back to me?


Haven't heard a God damn thing!!!!!!!

So then why, for the love of God, do authors write their email add in the back of their books asking you, inviting you, almost demanding that you email them to confirm their deep seated need for attention and acknowledgement that they are popular, and then DON'T REPLY!!!!

It sucks, they suck and screw you!!!

I'm not emailing you anymore!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. It is d*** hard to figure out what PEOPLE said...

    Sorry to hear about the pain from the surgery. Hope you are feeling better now!

  2. I think you left it too late to email these people. They put their email addresses in there hoping to find friends, to find people who gave a damn about their book, and when they heard from 3 people in 6 months they decided they weren't loved enough and killed themselves.

    Such a shame.

  3. Oh my goodness great topic! A friend was just telling me about how the Human Resource of the company she works for asked her to send an email regarding her requests and concerns. So she did that. And well, he just had someone (who isn't even in the Human Resource Department) send her a message thru skype! Now, how unprofessional is that?!
    Really, people should do as they say.

  4. I've worked with a few writers over the years. What I've learned is the authors that insist on having their email addresses in the book are the ones that are the worst at getting back to the editor, publisher, marketing people, etc. I always try to convince these authors not to do this because if they are unreliable with the people publishing the book, they will be even worse with fans. Also, I find the insistent authors are egocentric.

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had to experience some jerk authors. However, there are a few authors that care about the fans and will reply to emails so I hope in future you find a few that do.


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