Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yes, it's new year's eve 2009, so don't get too pissed off your face and if you do, don't throw up in the street, the car, or your own bed. It really won't make you look good!
And bitchfest is 1 year old tomorrow, New Year's Day!!!! YAY!!!!


Although I have been wondering if the name hasn't gone against me. I only have 24 followers and while I am eternally grateful, I'm also wondering why I have not had hoards of people clicking on to follow my outrageousnous.

I came up with names like Jewel's Den of Debauchery, Jewel's Den of Deliciousness, etc, but I kept coming back to the fact that I started this blog to bitch about all and sundry.



Now, as I have followed other bloggers, a recurring theme keeps popping up, people doing things like rant/rave, things I love thursday etc, so, in an effort to reach more people who don't give a crap about me bitching, I will be adding more delicious things to talk about here at Bitchfest!

This month, having started my weekly tv review, although besides Supernatural being a bust story wise this week, and there being no CSI New York to drool over, I am starting a MY FAVOURTITE THINGS list.

Oprah may have started this thing but Jewels is doing her own thing.

So, my lists will be expansive. Ranging from fav song on the radio this week, fav cd I'm bashing on the player, fav new toy, gadget, doo daa, actor, singer, concert, dvd, aquisition, bag, clothes, jewellery, shoes, anything and everything etc, etc, etc.

I already have a massive amount of stuff to post about, starting with all the goodies I've bought this year in my journey to diva-ness. So I'll be posting pics over the next few weeks, and I have tonnes more stuff after that too.

I'll also be posting my fav lol catz pics, coz they just crack me up. I might add lol dogz too.

So expect more goodies from me peeps, but never fear, I will still bitch once or twice a week, like the post below, after all, that's why this blog's called Bitchfest.

But there will be so much more to Jewels than just bitching. You really will see the softer, more gentler side of Jewels *snorts*.


So get ready to stand by for lots of goodies peeps which I'm sure the gals, and maybe the guys (Scoman) will just gush all over. 

Jewels xxoo  


  1. Helllo Dahling! I am visiting from across the pond :O) Thanks for letting me know you stopped by Batcrap Crazy today ;O) Don't know how I mananged to miss Bitchfest! Thank you for letting me know you stopped by so I could return the visit.

    Looking forward to much more with you. And Carmine is such a yummy Italian. I'm partial to those dark olivey latino men....married one I did :O)

    Happy bloggybirthday as well!

  2. Yay, follower #25!!!

    Ooohhhh lucky you! Italians are rather sexy aren't they!

  3. Happy New Year to you too. I look forward to another year of Bitchfest (although I only kind of got here towards the end of this one.. but I was here in 2009 so the whole year counts dammit!) and all the new stuff you bring in.

    I'm sure it'll be great.

  4. Happy one-year anniversary! I look forward to reading all your juicy tidbits in the new year!

  5. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary and I can't wait to read your list and see some of your favorite things.

  6. Happy First Birthday!

    Dont conform! do your own thing!

  7. Thanks all, goodies are on their way!


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