Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CSI New York's Help can't help Numb3rs from getting yanked off air again!

Well surprise surprise, CSI New York is still on air peoples. Can't say the same for Numb3rs on network 10, that's been yanked again boohoo.

Anyhoo, we saw season 5 ep 12 Help. Where brides to be race for a dress and one ends up dead. Sheldon also realises his ex girlfriend was a victim of the same rapist years ago but is taken of the case by Mac.

The best bits of course, are Carmine, so the only decent bits of the show were his scenes with Flack. So here you are peeps and fellow fans, some nice piccies to perve at.


  1. is this not the episode in the last season? :) anyways, i love CSIs. not a big fan of numb3rs though :)

  2. This is ep 12 from season 5. That's last season to those in America. Here in Aus we are way behind. :(

  3. Gotta say, I won't miss Flack's suits!!! I pretty much prefer him like he is right now in S6!

  4. I'm annoyed they yanked Numb3rs. And Supernatural last night. Why bring them back two weeks before Christmas if you're only going to yank them?


  5. Scoman - I'm pissed off at all of them for constantly yanking of decent shows all because they don't ''rate with veiwers''.


    Cyn - I like Eddie in suits, he's gorgeous.


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