Thursday, December 31, 2009

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Dudd lets more illegal boat people into the country.

So, it would seem that our dumb arse Prime Minister has ''allowed'' refugees, or refos as I call them into the country.

Personally, I think he's doing it just to piss me off.


The refos are from Sri Lanka, the boat that was caught off our reef and taken to xmas island. Kevie seems to have softened and decided to let them come and stay. Faster than any other refos mind you.

Normally they have to go through extensive testing to find out even if they should be classified as a refo, and that takes awhile. But Kevie decided to speed things up for them and let them come here before everyone else.


Then there's the other refos who have been brought into Melbourne and Darwin to be tested because the camp on xmas island is overflowing to the point that they had to set up tents to house everyone.


I don't mind people going through the legal way of immigrating here, but when you think shipping yourself off to another country is going to get you a new home to stay then I guess Australia is the place to sail to.

Our ex p.m, John Howard, had the right idea by sending them all home. Even the Minister of Sri Lanka said to send them home.

But no, Kevie just couldn't help himself. And just like the people of Aus who revolted against the Labour party when they went against John Howard's plan, Kevie too will soon learn that the public don't want these refos here. Just floating into our waters and getting free reign.

It's all about resources people. We just don't have them for the people we've got. We CANNOT support any more people.

The sea is melting, the power is wasting away, the air is thickening with choking smoke and smog.

The planet cannot support any more people, let alone this poor little country supporting any more than the 22 million we've already got.

Go home people, don't bother coming here. We don't want you. And Kevie, we don't want YOU either.

Jewels xxoo


  1. If it were up to me, I'd drop a bomb on any unauthorised boats in Australian waters but seeing as the PC brigade doesn't allow the government to grow some balls, I guess the most 'humane' thing I could possible do is give them enough fuel, food and water to get home and if they don't go, or if they come back, sink the scumbags, see how well they swim. It will be a hell of a lot cheaper than supporting them in detention centres for years on end while they bitch and moan about their living conditions within the centres. Are you moochers for real? It's got to be better than your apprently "war-torn" desert, doesn't it? I know I wouldn't complain if I needed assistance and some country full of pathetic soft cocks took me in and looked after me better than my own government would have. I have no sympathy for these people.


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