Sunday, November 29, 2009

What does Equality mean to you? Apparently not much to some!

Recently I heard about a website - who has been taken to court for being sexist and non equality.
What the fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!
Anyhoo. The story goes, that this website is for women only. To plan little holidays and get togethers for themselves and their girlfriends, so they can get manis, pedis, massages, scrubs, rubs and what not.
Apparently some knob didn't like that and took them to court, where a female judge claimed they could not prove there was a ''need'' for their service.
That pissed me off.
I'm all about equality, but I think some people have no idea what it actually means. Most people think it means everything has to be unisex, so men and women can partake in the activity of the establishment.
To me, that's bullshit.
To me, equality means that men and women DO NOT have to share. Equality is all about the right to have something for women only, or men only. I don't care that men want their clubs and pubs for themselves. But why would men give a shit about women only having stuff for themselves?
It reminds me of the Miss Australia Quest from about 10 years ago now. It had always been for young ladies to go through the competition and come out the other end as Miss Australia. But then some dickwad had to protest about it being sexist and that it should be for men and women and so he took them to court so he could run and then low and behold, the knob won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuck me and knock me down with a God damn feather!!!!!
I seriously don't know why some men and women get so worked up about some things not being for them.
Guys, if you don't like the fact it's just for women, and gals, if you don't like the fact it's just for men, then who gives a shit. Don't get your fucking knickers in a knot, go and start one up for yourself.
I like that there are women only gyms, clubs, whatever. I don't want to get perved at, or leered at, or slobbered over by some gross, sweaty, fat bastard who's only there to get a woman.And even then, you know he's so not getting one.
So my point is, pull your head out of your arse and get over yourself people. Equality does not always mean sharing. Equality means you can have one of your own without worrying about the opposite sex. The old saying yours, mine, ours! Some for the guys, some for the gals, and some to share.
Now, back to this judge. Who the fuck does she think she is, and who was the knob that protested. Don't know, but I hope it goes by the way of the website owner. Quite frankly it sucks that she comes up with something just for women and some knob and a judge had to be fuckwits and get stupid over it.
Jewels xxoo


  1. If the guys got a problem with it he should have started and put on there all that stuff about manicures and pedicures and whatever and then it would be equal and he wouldn't have to go to court and waste everyone's time.

    Courts should be worried about serious problems and not about petty little shit like this.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly!!!!!!

    What a knob!!!!!!

  3. That guy is an idiot! I read in the newspaper a few years ago about a guy complaining about women-only gyms. He got a coupon in the mail and that sent him into a fit because he couldn't use the coupon.

  4. Bahahahahaha, what a knob. Throw the damn coupon in the bin for God's sake.


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