Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rumour has it Heather Locklear had Ashlee Simpson-Wentz fired from the new remake of Melrose Place. WHAT A BITCH!!!!

Well, it would seem that the Hollywood egos always get what they want.

The recent news is that Melrose Place is bombing so badly, that besides getting several original cast members back, they have now succeeded in getting Heather Locklear back on set as Amanda.

However, it would also seem, that in her contract she made sure she had EVERY right to do what she wanted and to get her way. Turns out, that on the first day on set, she had scenes with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and Heather didn't like her so much she started insulting her.

Apparently Heather believed Ashlee had no acting ability and was rather useless. So Heather ran off to tattle on Ashlee to the producers, and promptly the next day, Ashlee was fired from Melrose.

As I said, Hollywood egos are growing bigger and bigger, and God knows why since there's a recession going on. But producers were obviously so desperate to get some ratings that Heather was a coup. And she obviously had no job prospects considering she's a drunk.

Quite frankly Heather, you're a two faced bitch, and I thank God Melrose hasn't been on here, and even if it is, I certainly won't be watching it.

So I tracked down a gossip site and will post a story below, about what Jessica did to support her sister.

There's also a news report from the show claiming something different.

It would seem to me, since they're getting so many originals back, that maybe they should have hired them all back in the beginning to save themselves firing everyone in the event of HAVING to rehire the originals to revamp and revitalise the dismal ratings.


Jewels xxoo

Jessica Simpson puts family first.
After her sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was fired from "Melrose Place" - which Jessica had aggressively promoted via Twitter since posting a "Hooray for Melrose" tweet on October 20th - the 29-year-old singer is now using the microblogging service to bash her little sis's former show.
"CW catching up on MP.who writes this crap?i have had bad scripts to work with,but this?thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press," Jessica wrote.
According to the latest edition of Us Weekly, "Melrose Place" producers fired Ashlee because they "thought she couldn't act."
One anonymous source even said, "She's the worst actress, but nobody will tell her."
Another rumor has it that she was canned at the request of returning "Melrose" queen b---t Heather Locklear, who is set to appear on the new version of the show on November 17.
For her part, Ashlee was much more cordial in her parting shots. "Having the chance to play Violet on 'Melrose Place' has been a thrill," she wrote. "Thanks to the CW and the entire cast and crew of 'Melrose Place' for allowing me this opportunity."


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Colin Egglesfield Dropped From 'Melrose Place'October 23rd.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has been dropped from TV series Melrose Place. The singer/actress landed the role of Violet Foster, a small-town girl new to Los Angeles, in the remake of the 1990s soap opera. But Simpson-Wentz's part has now been cut from the show, along with co-star Colin Egglesfield's character Auggie Kirkpatrick.

Executive producer Todd Slavkin says, "We felt that once the murder mystery (involving their characters) was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift and (Simpson-Wentz's) character would move on."

Simpson-Wentz and Egglesfield took the news "like professionals" because they were warned they could be dropped from the program. Slavkin says, "They knew ahead of time (that leaving was a possibility); it wasn't a complete shock.


  1. Hey Jewels, I love your site! I just have to say, I was a huge fan of the original Melrose Place, and this new one isn't too bad. However, Ashlee Simpson doesn't act very well and if the show is to survive, they totally have to get rid of her. Plus she does this weird crazy eyes thing every time she speaks. I'm sure you can find some snippets on YouTube to get an idea of what I'm talking about!

    I am a little miffed that they are bringing Heather Locklear back because it kind of ruins her ending on the original series, which was her running from the law and faking her death.

  2. Awww that wasn't nice of Heather Locklear. Instead of being mean like that she could have coached Ashlee Simpson or gave her some pointers. Heather Locklear is an old insecure hag! tsk tsk

  3. Bahahahaha, makes you wonder how the ratings are going if they have to bring the old farts back.


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