Sunday, November 8, 2009

My gorgeously gorgeous husband, NCIS star, Michael Weatherly, has a new website for his music!!!!

Well, I haven't posted enough about my gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly, but I did find these two new pics from the set thanks to Mark Horowitz.
SIGHS ..........................

Anyhoo, to let you all know, Michael has a new website for his music -
It also has links to his IMDB bio, the video for The Sentimental Conversation, his music, and the official CBS youtube page so you can watch NCIS bits and bobs. also has the transcript of his live chat from Nov 3 at their website -

So if you have software on your pc that allows you to record his music, do so. Melt into his gorgeous blue eyes and turn into a puddle of goo as you listen to his voice.
Yes peeps, I will share him with you today.

Jewels Weatherly xxoo

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