Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dr. Who's David Tennant and Twilight's Robert Pattinson in a movie together. Guess which one!

I was watching a little movie the other night and thought how spiffy one of the supporting actors looked. He went by the name Cedric Diggory and looked like this -

However, most of you would know him as Edward Cullen -

That's right people, Robert Pattinson was in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Although I'm sure most Robert fans would know that. He looks so different, doesn't he!

Why had we not heard or seen Cedric before this movie. Why do characters that are supposed to be at Hogwarts only pop up when needed throughout the movies?

Also in the movie, in a small bit part, was a very slippery character, Barty Crouch Junior -
Or you may know him as the VERY spiffy and quite sexy Dr. Who!!!
David Tennant IS THE BEST DR. WHO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. I don't think I've seen any of those movies. Probably no reason for me to weigh in here other than I feel bad for missing all those posts.

  2. omg i didnt even realise that was Rpatz!

    Though thinking about him makes me want to vomit- no one should be as proud about his bad hygiene as he is. GROSS.

  3. omg! I had to rub my eyes there for a sec. Robert Pattinson looks much better as a vampire. =)

  4. Scoman, don't feel bad, just keep reading.

    Al, I remember seeing the movie months ago and thinking, I know you. And yes, it's Rpatz. Stephanie Meyers, the author, has worked with him for the movie, and she says the rumours aren't true at all. He smelt fine.

    Mel, I prefer him as a wizard!

  5. David Tennant Wins obviously as the DOCTOR
    even though I love Robert but sorry cmon DAVID

  6. I remember when I watched HP 4 and saw David I was like wat is the Doctor doing there. And when I first saw the twilight trailer and saw Rob I was like "Thats Cedric!!!!!" Ofcourse at the time I was a huge HP fan

  7. Love both Rob and David. I always used to think that Richard Hammond was Barty Crouch but I realised he was to tall be Richard.

  8. i mean cummon rpatz is much better lookin in twilight than in hp but i on team jacob xoxo he is so georgouse but so is edward .... :@ x


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