Monday, November 23, 2009

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gives out free stomach stapling!!!!

Apparently our dickhead Prime Minister, Kevin Dudd, now wants to give overweight aboriginals stomach stapling for free.
What about overweight pensioners? What about overweight dole people? What about overweight teenagers?
What about the rest of us Kevie?
If you dole out free shit to the aboriginals, then you'd better be prepared to dole out freebies to the rest of us.
Personally, I don't think people should bother with stomach stapling, you should just get off your arse, exercise and watch what you eat.
Why the fuck should they get freebies when the majority sit on their arse on the dole, smoke, drink, get drunk and be pains in the arse to everyone else.
Aboriginals aren't any more worthy than the rest of us. They weren't here first. This country is not theirs.
Believe me Kevie, you're going to have a big problem on your hands if you give them more freebies than anyone else.
Let's see how you deal with that!
Maybe we should all stand in line out the front of parliment house and start demanding our freebies!
Jewels xxoo

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