Sunday, November 29, 2009

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is galavanting around the universe while Australia goes broke!!!

Well peeps, consider yourself lucky. You're getting not one, not two, but THREE posts today, mainly because I won't be back untill next weekend.

I'll be having surgery on Tuesday, so I'll post about it next weekend, but for now, here's my third post for today.

Our PM Kevin Dudd can't seem to stay home, he's over in some country at some convention, talking about everyone else but us. Now it seems that he wants to give OUR money to small island nations so they can survive.


I'm writing you this letter you dumb arse.

Dear Dickhead,

yes Kevie, I mean you. It would seem that since becoming prime minister, you have let the power go to your head. It's not good enough that your mega rich wife Therese has money to burn, but you seem to think the rest of the nation does too!

Not only are you continually giving it away to some island nation, ie: Indonesia, but you now think that you can just throw it away by throwing it at some dumb arse emissions trading scheme that we don't need and will only make this country a third world country.

It will send us so broke that we will not survive. You want to tax us up the wazoo and yet will not give pensioners any more money to survive on. Workers strike continually to get a raise. What will be the point now that you'll be taking all of our money.

We will all have to pay more for everything and it's all because of you, you arsehole!!!
I hope and pray to God that you do not win the election next year. You are the worst son of a bitch that has ruled this country in decades. John Howard needs to come back so he can get the shit you created sorted out.I hope the people that voted you in are now regretting it big time. You are wrecking this country and by the time you go there will be nothing left.

Thanks for leaving nothing for my future children and grand children you stupid, idiotic dumb arse of an arshole!

Not happy Jewels xxoo

So, as you can tell, I am still not happy with our dumb arse prime minister. He is sending us broke and will turn us into a wasteland.


Jewels xxoo

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