Friday, October 16, 2009

The Politically Correct Police are at it again. Now 2 year olds can't watch tv!!!!!

I'm bitching about the politically correct police, who are once again on the bandwagon about how we should be living our lives and raising our kids.

It's bad enough they want to tax junk food so that fat people lose weight, mind you, that pisses off those of us who like to indulge in junk food once a week and most of us are not fat or overweight.

And last week, they told us how children were becoming hookers at the age of 6, but now, they're telling us that children at the age of 2 and under should not be watching tv. Never mind the old ''it will give you square eyes'', but apparently, tv will prevent children from vocally growing, and keep them babies forever.

Sure, the Teletubbies use annoying baby language, but then so do most two year olds and under.

But they also say that tv should be limited for children 5 and under. The old, 'get your kids out into the backyard and play with them as tv don't teach your kids anything' excuse.


It's not like watching tv makes you fat. And you can't go running around your backyard on a freezing cold or boiling hot day, then you'd say we're irrisponsible parents who allowed our children to dehydrate and freeze to death.

We just can't fucking well win.

The pc police want to fucking well dictate our whole lives to us even though the more than likely don't live the way they preach.

What a bunch of fucking wankers!!!

I bet Sesame Street won't like that, as it's centered around teaching children 3-4 and under.

So I suppose the pc police will get on their back soon.

Poor Elmo!!!!!!!

Jewels xxoo

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