Friday, October 16, 2009

Illegal Immigrants on boats should be sent back to where they came from!!!

Fucking boat people!!!!

They are the scurge of the earth, and we have to do something. There is a right and a wrong way of immigrating to another country, and floating across in a boat ain't one of them.

I know that America has a rule for the Cubans, if you make it to land and set foot in Miami, then you get to stay, if not, then home you go. And a lot of Cubans die in the boat ride to the US. The same for all of the Indonesians and the like that keep trying to come to our shore. We just cannot take them.

Again the p.c police bleat on and on about how we have to take them in as refugees and make them safe because they come from war torn countries etc,etc, yada, yada, but for fuck's sake people, face the facts.

We have 22 million people in this country, our hospital system is shot, we don't have enough water for the country and we're constantly on water restrictions and can't water our gardens so most of us have none. We sure as hell don't have enough electricity to support every household and suffer massive blackouts in summer.

The pensioners just got a raise after 100 years, and then each state government turned around and said that the rent for the commission housing would go up next year, so they're scabbing that back, and pensioners still suffer. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is asking for a rise and then bitching about not getting one, even though they live on thousands more than pensioners. Kids aren't being taught properly because the teachers are always on strike, and on top of all that, what immigrants we do take in assault, rob, rape and murder because they bring their country's shit with them.

So exactly why and how should we take these boat people in?!?!?!?!?!?

I seriously don't give a fuck that your country is war torn, ours ain't as fantastic as you think. I don't give a fuck if your family was killed and you may be too, hello, same shit happens here. I seriously don't give a fuck if you've got problems or family already here that came legally, cause we ain't got room for you.

And that's the two things this always comes down to.

1 - We can't afford to accommodate you
2 - You're not a rufugee and we don't want you because you're coming here illegally.

We have to go back to what John Howard did. That was to take a strong stand, just like a hell of a lot of other countries, and send our Naval war ships to intercept the boats and either send them home, or dump them on Christmas Island, so they can be processed and if found to not be refugees, then sent back to their own country.

In the last week or two, we had a boat load of Afghanis float across in a boat and one of them set the boat on fire and killed five people on board. The people were picked up by an Aussie ship and NOW the left overs have been given permanent visas to live in this country. EVEN THOUGH ONE OF THEM IS A KILLER AND BLEW UP THE FUCKING BOAT KILLING THOSE FIVE PEOPLE!!!!

Although now, it's claimed he blew up with the boat, but what the fuck would they know?



You're a weak, lilly livered knob who has no fucking idea how to run a country. You're too soft and wussy, and need to pull your fucking head out of your arse, harden up and grow some balls.

Bring back John Howard, who had the balls to do something, or give the job to Malcolm Turnbull who has more than enough balls to lead this country and get rid of the boat people.


Jewels xxoo


  1. wth they were given Visas becuase their boat was on fire???????

  2. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

    All I know is, they now have visas to live here, although I have heard they're temporary, but who knows what they are.

    They should'nt be here. Had their boat not been blown up they'd still be processed like all the others, and not just given visas for christ's sake.

  3. Since we're in a failing economy, maybe you could create killing illegal immigrants as a new job. Since these people only want to live a better life, and you've decided that their lives are illegal and unworthy maybe worthy americans could do the "nice" thing and put these people out of their misery. This probably would be better than allowing them to go back to whatever miserable life they left behind, and would instead of creating an expense in this country, create jobs! Then we can all pat ourselves on the back, think of our ancestors who came here in similar situations, and wish that similar policies were enacted back then. That way, we wouldn't even be alive today!!!

  4. You are one heck of an illinformed sad women. More people come by plane every single day and when they arrive they apply for visa's leggaly and are processed right at the airport. Boat people are the visible sign of refugee immigration and the only reason it is on the news is because images = news. Boat people often don't have passports or documents that would allow them to come to Australia the legal way, by plane or through the UN's refugee program which has such a high demand it can take up to 10 years to get a visa, so they come from boats in a desperate bid to get out of an extreme situation the only way they see how. They are no more illegal than the people who come by plane, that is why so many of them receive visas, because they are actually ligitimate refugees who happen to not have passports/birth certificates, because ummm, those are hard to get in a war torn country or one where you are already a refugee. If only you knew the facts.


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