Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween has been and now is gone here in Australia. Thanks bloody God!!!!

Well, well, well, Halloween has come and gone here in Australia, and thank bloody God for that!!!

Depending on where you live, there will either be an influx or not, of children running around the neighbourhood banging on your house, screaming 'Trick or Treat' in your face when you open the door.

For those that are prepared, we throw lollies into the plain plastic bags or pumpkin buckets they shove at us to fill with goodies.

Unfortunately, they don't always get what they want.

I've had a few experiences where kids thought they were being smart by hiding to the left of the door, or screaming and jumping at my face when I open the screen door to give them small bags filled with whatever junk food I'd bothered to buy the previous week. However, I also told them off for it, and had a go at them when they had claimed I hadn't given them anything, although I knew damn well I had just dumped a bag of lollies in their bag.

Over the years, kids have stopped coming, mainly because they've grown up or the family has moved away. So I no longer have to worry about an American tradition that really should not have been picked up by Australia.

Quite frankly kids, if you want lollies go buy the damn thing from the store. A least that way, you know it hasn't been poisoned by the person giving it to you, tee hee, and it's not all that expensive.

Halloween is just a way of kids getting free lollies from strangers. Which brings me to a particular phrase that we've been teaching our kids for years.



So exactly WHAT IS THE POINT of Halloween???????????

Doesn't Halloween go completely opposite and AGAINST everything we taught our children. Although it is generally known that most children are abused/kidnapped by family members and friends, we still taught our kids about strangers.


Apparently that doesn't matter when it comes to Halloween. So kids, if you take candy from strangers, expect it to be poisoned to the point where you will collapse from whatever it is they injected into it, and you will be lured into their house and really bad, bad things will happen to you.

Yeah, that's the message we should now be telling our children, cause seriously, Halloween is just plain stupid and idiotic!


Jewels xxoo


  1. Guess who's back! lol

    Not only Halloween is a double-standard to what parents are supposedly teaching their kids (or at least they should *cough*) but it also teach them a very bad thing : always DEMANDING from others instead of giving to others. Horrible.

    Although, I must confess that when I was a kid I was thrilled to disguise and hear all kind of spooky stories because I always loved macabre... lol

  2. Halloween is inherently dangerous, but people flirt with danger for candy and other, bigger thrills.

  3. you are so funny! And right. xoxo


  4. Yes I am funny, and welcome back Cyn. Been a long, long time since I saw your comments here.

  5. I personally think Halloween is pedophile heaven - home-delivered kiddies. I would never allow my kids to go trick-or-treating. You're telling them to demand instead of give and that taking candy from strangers and knocking on strangers doors is ok. Sickening.


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