Saturday, October 10, 2009

Australian Show, Hey Hey It's Saturday and its ''supposed'' racist skit!!!

Okay, I'm finally having my say on the Hey Hey It's Saturday skit that has been seen around the world.

American's are calling it racist, Australian's are either playing sheep by following the American's, or they're telling the American's to get over themselves.

Each individual person is entitled to their own opinion, but where I get pissed, is when I get told what I should and shouldn't do by someone who has no fucking idea.

So, having said that, I see it as most Aussies do, is was a skit that reunited the six doctors from 20 years ago to do a reunion show for Hey Hey.

It was in no way shape or form meant with ANY racial overtone, but everyone is obviously free to feel what they want.

I didn't see it as racist. I saw it for what it was, an impersonation of the Jackson 5.

And EXACTLY HOW are you supposed to impersonate black people without an afro and black skin????????????????

And for fuck's sake people, what the fuck do golliwogs have to do with it?????????

Do people laugh when men dress up as Cher and sing her songs? Of course they do. Do people laugh when they see an Asian man dressed as Elvis singing Hunk of Burnin Love? Of course they do. Do people laugh when they see a white man dressed as Michael Jackson dancing the same way he did, of course they do. Did you all laugh when C Thomas Howell did the movie ''Soul Man'', where he took pills to darken his skin so he could be a black man? Did you all laugh at Robert Downey Junior when he portrayed an ''Australian man trying to be a black man'' in Tropic Thunder? Did you all laugh when the Wayans Brothers dressed as white chick in ''White Chicks''?


DID YOU????????????????


So why is this so different?

Because the American's made it different!!!!!

White Americans have treated black people so insanely badly that they obviously believe we treat black people the same way.


We don't have the same mind set when it comes to black people. We didn't carry on the slave trade and raped black girls to produce illigitimate children, we don't belong to the KKK and drag them under our truck for miles and miles merely because of their black skin.


America, you still treat your black people so badly, that having a go at us is so blatantly insane you need your heads read. Calling us a racist country based upon what you think you know about us, and what you think you know about the skit, and the meaning behind it shows you still have a hell of a lot of growing up to do. Take a long hard look in the mirror and at your own people BEFORE you start dictating to other countries on how to treat THEIR people.

And our ''treatment'' of Aboriginals, is NOWHERE NEAR what you've done to your people.

Harry, I could say a lot of things about you, and believe me a lot of swear words have gone through my head and come out of my mouth since you opened yours, but right now, all I've got to say is ..... go home, and don't come back.

Apparently, Germaine Jackson has come out DEFENDING Hey Hey and the skit. He obviously has enough brain in his head to realise it was meant in no other way than as a tribute.

It's all going to come down to is this, America needs to get over itself, Australia will move on, and if you're thinking of visiting but think we're racist, don't bother coming. To all of those who have been here and think great things, such as, we're friendly, nice people in an amazing country. Great, keep coming back. People don't stop visiting the US because they're a bunch of racist prats, do they?

Every country has it's own issues to deal with when it comes to immigrants, other races and religions. Sort your own out before telling the world how to do it when you have NO fucking idea!!!!

I'd say this comes down to a REALLY BAD CASE of the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!!!!

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  1. This whole outrage is so fucking ridiculous.

    Its a show, it was a reunion, they did it then, it was fine, they do it now, ITS FUCKING FINE...

    I think the view just didnt have any material to work with that day so thought they would focus on this..

    Everyone needs to get over it, everyone is too sensitive.


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