Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apparently playing dress-up turns children into little hookers!!!!!

Okay peoples, today I am bitching about this whole shit concerning children.

Now, the ''politically correct'' nutjobs are claiming that little girls who put on lipstick and wear little girly clothes are pornifying (my word) themselves and it should be stopped.

They say that adults are making little girls into adults, that they're dressing too sexily and wearing too much makeup and skimpy clothing. ALSO and this gets me, that 10-11 year olds are getting BRAZILLIANS!!!!!


I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE IT, 10-11year old girls have no hair to get removed, and what the fuck are the parents thinking taking their daughters to get them in the first place and what the fuck are the beauticians thinking giving them one.


Little girls put on make up and play dress ups. I think 99.99999% of all little girls did. They wanted to be like their mothers, and wear their heels and jewellery and get around like mum.

That's fine. I did it, and there is nothing wrong with that, as everyone has tried telling the ''politically correct'' nutjobs trying to tell us that it's wrong.

What's wrong is YOU'RE making it into something it's not. Little girls will be little girls and always play dressups, that doesn't mean they're going to turn into skanky little tarts who go and have sex.

Now you all know my view on kids having sex, I posted about it awhile ago, it's the parents fault for not talking to their children and teaching them, but anyhoo, back to my point.

Sexifying little children is an adult problem. Mothers buy their kids clothes and allow their kids to wear such things, cause a 6 year old SURE AS HELL doesn't have the money to buy these clothes.

Lipgloss and nailpolish is nothing to worry about, neither is the little baby booties in the shape of high heels. They're so cute!!!! BUT THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!

It's what you teach your child and how you raise them and show them from yourself that turns your child into a porn star. If you sleep around and bring alot of men home, your kids may get the wrong idea. That sex is the way things are done. If you're single or in a happy relationship, then your child will see you're happy and know that she doesn't have to sleep around for love.

But again, I'm getting off the point.

My point is, the ''politically correct'' nutjobs are taking things way too far. A little bit of make up and nailpoish is nothing to worry about, but the fact that mothers are dressing their girls to look like hookers is disgusting and disgraceful.

The mothers need their heads read and a good kick up the arse for taking their girls to get a brazillian or dressing them in bras and g-strings. Hello, no child should wear a g-string and no child has boobs to need a bra. However, a little crop top is okay, if a child feels modest and would like to cover up. I had little crop tops and tank tops. As a child grows, she's going to need them so she understands that when the day comes, she'll need to wear a bra. But not as a 4 or 5 year old. It's not the child's fault she looks like a hooker, it's the mothers fault!!!


Jewels xxoo


  1. You're so right. Those mothers need their heads examined.

    By the way, did you know that your "hubby" Michael got married last month? I'm devastated.

  2. So am I!!!!!!

    Here I was thinking I was the only one for him, and he goes and brings her into our marriage!!!

    Oh well, there's room enough for all of us, and I've still got Carmine!!!!


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