Sunday, September 20, 2009

Schools and parents arguing about giving sex ed in schools. It DOES NOT MEAN the kids will go and have sex!!!!!

Here is a topic that I meant to post a couple of months back and completely forgot. Probably because I had other things to bitch about, or Michael Weatherly, Carmine Giovinazzo and Thomas Gibson to drool over instead!!!

I'm so going to bitch about sex today. Not about having it, but the fact that schools and parents aren't teaching it.

Parents keep crapping on about how they should be the ones teaching their children about sex. Although a lot of parents don't bother teaching their kids anything, the problem is... they don't want the schools teaching their kids about sex either.

Schools have had a bad reputation for teaching bad sex ed for decades. Way back when, before my grandparents were even a twinkle in their parents' eyes, schools have never taught decent sex ed. And when I went to primary and high school, the sex ed classes then were atrocious!!! We were shown some sort of film, that didn't make much sense, about our insides, but that was it. Some schools taught the kids how to roll on condoms, and what their organs did. But mine didn't.

What it basically comes down to is, that schools want to teach a decent class about sex, but the parents don't want to know. They believe if their kids know about sex and how to do it, that they will then go and do it.

For adults, they're off their fucking nut.

Just because you teach a child about sex, what their organs do, how to use condoms etc, DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL GO AND HAVE SEX.

But, as I said, their off their fucking nut.

Dr.Sally Cockburn stated on the Today show, that a lot of the parents don't know about sex themselves.

Which I found rather bizarre, since they have kids, they'd know enough to get pregnant.

Well if that's the case then, the schools had better get a decent sex ed class going because you wonder why more and more 12 year olds are ending up with Chlamydia, and more girls are ending up pregnant.

Just look at the case of English schoolboy Alfie Patten. What the fuck did he know about sex, and yet he claimed he was the father of the skanky little girlfriends' baby.

Turns out he wasn't thank God.

But that's my point.

Schools want to teach the kids, but parents don't want them to. But they don't want to teach their kids either, so the kids go without sex ed and end up pregnant or with diseases they shouldn't be having.

So in my opinion, ''supposed adults'' called parents, and schools all need to pull their fucking heads out of their fucking arses and get over themselves.

Teaching a child will not make them go and do it.

But if they did, at least they would be armed with knowledge and the choice to say no.
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  1. This is so true. I was raised in the south, in Tennessee and all we learned in health class was that you can die from having sex. That was pretty much the lesson. It doesn't make sense to leave children uneducated! Great post.

  2. I agree 100%!!! My sex ed wasn't that bad, thank God, but it could have been better but the teachers had to respect the stupid boundaries set by the school and the parents. Sometimes I'm shocked that I know more about sex than these "adult", "grown up" and "mature" women. Where the fuck have they been all these years?! It's so fucking insane. Yet they reproduce and they think offering ignorance to a child is the best thing ever?! Err, no.

    The parents, the teenagers and basically pretty much everyone paying taxes that believe in good, intelligent sex ed and education should raise up, speak their mind and make something good happen for the kids.

  3. Sunshinemeg - I can't believe they taught you that you could die from having sex!!!!!!

    WHAT THE......

    I understand there are diseases you can catch but Jesus Christ, get educated people!!!!

    Cyn - unfortunately some people refuse to EVER learn, regardless of how old they are. They abide by what they were taught or brainwashed by their parents, and that's all they know for the rest of their lives. They don't change with the times and then they wonder why the world has changed and passed them by.

  4. I remember sex-ed being part of health class both in junior high and in high school. Some of the lessons I learned then, helped me very much so protect myself later in life.

    I am all for teaching our children to protect themselves as well as learning that pregnancy and STD's are real and they can happen to you! I am not for teaching with an iron fist and doing this by using fear as a tactic, instead facts!

    Sassy Chica

  5. Sassy Chica - why can't all schools be like yours?????

  6. Obviously you are correct. Kids are going to have sex NO MATTER WHAT, and they are going to have it younger than we ever did. The deserve all the information and education we can give them.

    Secretia Teller


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