Thursday, September 17, 2009

Phone Companies that screw you over!!!!!


Yes they do. I changed my plan from dial up to broadband late last year, and I was told I'd have a nine month plan at half price. And if I changed my mind I could switch between plans for free.


Then, not now!!!!

Now, I'm told that I can only switch between plans if they're BROADBAND PLANS and I can't go back to dial up unless I pay a $210 cancellation fee. I'm also on a 24 month plan NOT a 9 month plan, AND I will now pay full price for the plan for the rest of the time I'm connected.

If only you'd fucking well told me that 9 fucking months ago I wouldn't have signed on for 9 months.

I don't even remember signing on for 24!!!!


If it weren't so much of a hassle to change companies I bloody well would.



  1. Used to work for V mobile/broadband....

    All phone and net companies just fuck people over.... but you really cannot live without either service so they continue to get away with it

  2. I know *sighs* they just take your money and don't give a shit, normally.

    However, I made a phone call to some head honcho and got a call back where they asked if I wanted my problem fixed. The problem is, I thought I could switch back to dial up for free but he offered to waive the cancellation fee because I'd not been given ''ALL'' the info I should've gotten.

    So now I need to decide if I stay with broadband or go back to dial up. But now with all the goings on with Kevin Dudd I might just stay where I am with what I've got.

  3. They can shove their cancellation fees up their asses is right.


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