Thursday, September 3, 2009

CSI New York merchandise, real and not so real, but they still look great!!!!

For all of the CSI New York fans out there that don't have any merchandise cause there's no real good stuff for NY, here's a little something I found on ebay.

And these which look real -

This isn't real merchandise, but it's close enough. Unless of course, you're buying Ceesau stuff to support Carmine, but still, support New York!-

And then of course there's these -

And these -

So I'm sure all the fans have looked for this stuff, and some companies make up really good looking stuff. I might be buying a tshirt, but me thinks I have to catch up with buying the box sets first. I only have the first two!

Shame on me!!
Jewels xxoo


  1. Love the first Tee. But I'm so buying the CSI scarf by :

    Only $14.99!

  2. LOL!!! Just had a look at it,very cute!


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