Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Black Eyed Peas arrive in Australia. And are greeted by aboriginals who can fuck off!!!

This week the Black Eyed Peas flew into Aus for their concert tour and they were met with a traditional Aboriginal greeting.

I am not Aboriginal!!!

I have stated my views on this time and time again.

Aboriginal DOES NOT MEAN indigenous!!!

I am indiginous to this country but do not see the need to be at the fore of everthing that happens or goes on.

I am sick to bloody death of the fucking Aboriginals claiming they are better than white people, they were here first (who really gives a fuck!!!!!) that they own this land, that they can give traditional greetings to people, yada, yada, bullshit, bullshit!!!!!

They DO NOT have the right to be anywhere and give anyone a greeting on BEHALF of this country.

This country is not Aboriginal, we do not greet our visitors with crap and they do not have the right to represent what is mainly a non Aboriginal country.

I resent the Aboriginals for forcing themselves upon me and my country. I don't give a crap if your ancestors were here before mine, that does not make this land yours!!!!

I resent the Aboriginals popping up everywhere, giving traditional greetings, opening ceremonies, and concerts and pissing me off by snaking their way into everything Aussie.

They don't play by the rules of Australia, and for that matter neither do a lot of other nationalities who come here, but that's a different story. I am sick to fucking death of Aboriginals proclaiming this is all theirs and they have more rights than me and that they are better!!!


According to our last national census, there's less than 500,000 full blood Aboriginals in this country. Tht makes them a VERY SMALL MINORITY who the rest of the country really doesn't give a fuck about!!!


Jewels xxoo


  1. Either, you're the same fucking dick wit who couldn't get their first post right, or there's been two of you decide that you have half a fucking brain cell between you.

    Strange how I bothered using the word Aboriginal and you used the word Abo!!!

    Who's got the problem here, not me!!!!

    And I'll gladly tell people my views, because they're mine and not yours and I'm entitled to think, feel and speak what I want. This is Australia after all, not dickwit land!!!!

  2. I can understand part of what you say because in the West of Canada, the natives are making a fucking mess out of everything and then they blame the Whiteys. But I think pointing fingers is fucking lame, we should all get our shit together and find solution since we all live in the same damn country and use the same privileges (to some extent... natives have more, of course).

    And Anonymous Crap, you are a fucking joke. YOU can't even put your name on a BLOG comment yet you want her to go "in the public" and state her opinion. Get a fucking life. By the way, threats of death on the Internet can get you into an arrest by the police and a trial, didn't you know that?! It's funny that your stupidity will one day get you behind bars.

  3. Well, as you can see, I've deleted anonymous' replies because you're a fuck wit and no longer deserve to be on my blog. Fuck off and stay gone!!!


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