Wednesday, September 30, 2009

7th Season Premiere of NCIS in Australia. My gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly's show!!!

Well, last night was the Aus premiere of the 7th season of my gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly's show, NCIS!!!!

Michael, as usual, was gorgeously gorgeous, even when he was captured and tied to a chair, which is nothing new to him as I do that every other week!!!!

The hair had grown, the lips were luscious, the body was sexily hairy, and damn he looked fine.

Hope y'all enjoyed the show, let me know what you thought yada, yada, and we'll discuss how sexy my baby is!!!

okay, need to go, about to have an orgasm!!!!

Jewels xxoo


  1. holy shit this comment box took forever to load. maybe my computer is just bogged down with porn... who knows...

    it doesnt matter. i just had to let you know your shit is funny. totally the same bitching sense of humor that i have... a few of my friends told me i should call my blog bitchfest... good thing i didnt you beat me to it... anyways funny stuff keep it up...

    come check me out if you have time after you get off carmines face...

  2. And here I was thinking I had good porn here at Bitchfest!!!!

    Carmine's been busy, but Michael's had his share this week.

  3. Youre hubby is dream a licious. I don't know him but I'm making it my business to find that out.

  4. Michael Weatherly from NCIS baby!!!!

    Yes, he is dreamalicious!!!!!!

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