Saturday, September 26, 2009

The 20th Anniversary of Aussie boy band Indecent Obsession!!! Where are they now and when are they coming back!!!!

This year is the 20th anniversary of a little known Aussie band from way back when called Indecent Obsession.

They bounced into my life way back in 1989, and I was smitten. They had four top 40 hits - Say Goodbye, Tell me Something, Never Gonna Stop and Come Back to Me - with their first album, Spoken Words, which got lots of people noticing because the band wore neon wetsuits! Later that year, the record company re-released it with a different cover. The pics are below. I also have the American version. So that makes the cassette, cd and album of all three versions. I'm such a collector!!!!!!

Videos for Say Goodbye, Tell Me Something, and Come Back To Me - (couldn't find one for Never Gonna Stop) -

They toured in December of 89, and I wished I had've seen them when they toured with American poplet, Debbie Gibson, now known as Deborah, (in my sidebar) but they only went to three states of this country, so I missed out except for when they came on their own.

I've still got my promo packs, and collectables, the vhs tape of their videos, and all the goodies there was. In 1991 they were in America making their second cd, Indio.

There were four singles from that - Kiss Me, Indio, Rebel with a Cause and Gentleman Style. I love that song, but I don't know if there was ever a film clip. Over in France, Whispers in the Dark was released and went to number 1. It wasn't here, but I found the cd single and bought it off ebay.

Videos for Kiss Me, Indio, Rebel With a Cause and Whispers in the Dark -

In 1992, lead singer, David Dixon, left to pursue the Aussie stage production of Joseph and His Dreamcoat, He was also in our local soapie, Home and Away. That was the end of IO as it was. Andrew Coyne, the guitarist, also left, and remaining members, Michael Szumowski (pronounced - szoo-mouse-key) and Darryl Sims, moved to England and hired Richard Hennassey as the new singer, and Graham Kearns as guitarist, who actually looked liked Andrew Coyne with short hair. Quite good looking he was!

What followed was Relativity. The first single, Fixing a Broken Heart, was a ballad that accompanied a tour of Aus. Fall From Grace followed as the second single but did nothing on the charts. Overseas, One Bad Dream was released in Japan, I aquired that as well. And there's a film clip for Lady Rain but I can't find a single yet.
Videos for Fixing a Broken Heart and Lady Rain - (couldn't find one for Fall From Grace) -

Indecent mark2 was a new style of band. It was like David and Andrew had never been, the music was harder and edgier, and was completely different. They didn't last long though, as there were no more cds or singles.

Indecent Obsession was over. Never to be reformed.

David Dixon has lived in many states and countries, pursuing a career in theatre and taking his family with him. The latest goss is that he lives in Orange. A town in New South Wales. He did release a cd single, Faith Love and Understanding, but I've never seen a cd.

Video for Faith Love and Understanding -

Andrew Coyne seems to have disappeard off the face of the earth.

Michael Szumowski is a well known Sydney music producer.

Darryl Sims, has worked with different bands but his whereabouts are not currently known.

I still love IO, and have most of my stuff. I just wish, in their 20th year, and with 80's music being so popular, along with bands making comebacks, that they would too.

Jewels xxoo


  1. My heart was swooning the whole time. So dreamy = )

  2. Yep, I swooned back in the day too. I had a HUGE crush on Michael Szumowski for 6 years!!!

  3. WOW!!!!

    Thanks for the info Georgina, I've wondered for years what happened to him once he left the band.

    Well I'll be damned, I got a reply from a sibling of Indecent Obsession!!!!


  4. These guys were unlucky to have been labelled a boy band - They were so much better than any boyband we had to offer in the UK at that time!

  5. I do have the Indecent Obsession Video collection (covers just the first album clips) you can check out the track listing here ...

    When I get a chance I will try to upload never gonna stop to youtube coz it is a great clip and it's a pity that it is not on!

  6. I was a huge fan too, loved all of their music, Kiss Me was my favourite. I'm actually living in Orange and I can absolutely say I have seen David Dixon many times here in town. He still looks as yummy as ever!

  7. Does anybody have a decent mp3 in good quality to share of "One Bad Dream"?? Been searching that song for years without luck.
    mail it to me, if you like, at:

  8. Look on ebay for for either the full cd or the single. I bought singles we never got here in Aus from ebay.

  9. Indecent Obsession have a facebook page now and are talking about a reunion tour!

  10. In 1997, David Dixon completed his Commercial rotary wing licence (Helicopters) and took up employment as a junior helicopter pilot in the Northern Territory, flying tourists around.

    He now works as a professional pilot with the NSW Air Ambulance.

  11. All I'm gonna say is this band was really unique & it's a pity that they broke up, they could have been as big as U2 today if they didn't break up, but unfortunately music today isn't what it was, too many problems in the industry especially when you reach success, unfortunately destiny doesn't always work out that way, I would really like to see a reunion as well, do it for your fans indecent obsession ;-)


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