Thursday, August 27, 2009

People that continually use big words are nothing but SMART ARSES!!!!!

There's one thing I'd like to say before I go .... I HATE PEOPLE WHO USE BIG WORDS!!!!!


Since most of us a simple mortals who have an average I.Q, most of us prefer simple, easy to use words in sentences.

For those of us who know how to string a sentence together that is ......

But anyhoo, I hate people who eat dictionaries for breakfast, lunch and tea, think that because they went all the way through high school, did four years of uni/college, and may have gone on to some high powered job, became a doctor, lawyer etc, etc, that they can use big long fucked up words that the rest of us ''mere mortals'' don't understand, let alone know what the fuck it means or know how to spell it.

Let me tell all of you little so-and-so's out there who think they are SO FUCKING SMART ... YOU'RE FUCKING NOT!!!!!

I HATE people who do it. To me, it proves one thing and one thing only ... YOU'RE A FUCKING SMART ARSE!!!!!

I don't care where you went to school, or what job you've got, if you use words that no other human can understand then you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

You just love throwing around words to make youself look good, sound good and look smarter than you actually are. All you're ACTUALLY DOING is embarrassing yourself by trying to embarrass other people by making them look idiotic, stupid and brainless because they don't know WHAT THE FUCK the word you just used means.

You all need to fuck off and get some shit pill so you can shit all those dictionaries out. And while you're at it, shit your brain out because it's in your arse, because you talk so much shit.

If you use big words on me, I will ask you what it means. If you have a go at me for not knowing what it means, be prepared for me to bitch slap you and blast the shit out of you for being A FUCKING KNOB!!!

And that's a lesson you won't learn in a dictionary!

Jewels xxoo


  1. Well, I only went to High School and Trade School and I know some big words and I don't know why I shouldn't use them or feel ashamed of my acquired knowledge because some people are ignorants.
    Ignorance can be solve by LEARNING, which I did without going to uni/college but by reading books and magazine specialsed in whatever subjetcs I was interested in, and I'll gladly tell the definition of the word to the other person I'm talking to if the word doesn't ring a bell. No biggy there.

    But yes, some people DO act like they're all brainiacs and superiors when they use the so-called big word. But seriously, words are just words. Stop fearing them. That's why we have people that don't know how to talk, write and read nowadays. And barely know simple definitions of simple words as racism and stereotypes anymore. Words are meant to be use, not forgotten.

    But I had it with stupid people that refuses to learn a fucking thing in life because they don't want to put the efforts and want to create a whole generation of no brainers just so they don't feel alone. I value knowledge, not stupidity.

    (By the mean, I was not targeting you at all lol And I was in no way offended by your note. As always, I just participate in the whole Bitchfest. Here, I get bash a lot because my English is far better than anyone else's and because I know these "big English words" and "ew, isn't she so snotty because she can talk Enligsh fluently".)

  2. Haha, gosh, it's 5:41 AM (insomniaaaa) and there's a lot of typos.

    2)By the WAY* I meant.

    Time to squeeze in some Zs, my brain is telling me.

  3. Haha... I don't like when people "put on airs" either. Knowing big words does not mean you're intelligent, it just means you read a lot, and probably the dictionary.

    I do like tossing in SOME big words though, just if they clean up the statement I'm trying to make! But I would never do it in a way that would prevent everyone from being able to understand.

    For shame.

  4. learning is fun. so is being smart.

  5. If a word is appropriate for a sentence, or the subject you are discussing, or the people you are discussing it with, completely understandable.

    But if you know you're around people who use and speak simple English, like most of us, don't show off because you ate a dictionary.

    And don't go getting all snotty because the person has no idea what the word is.

    I don't use most big words in a lifetime, let alone a conversation, but I do understand what some mean.

    Just don't get snotty because we don't understand what you're talking about.

    If we ask what something means, tell us, don't get huffy and insult us for not eating dictionaries for breakfast.

  6. This cracked me up! I would love to see a person bitch slapped for being an arrogant ass. It would make my day.


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