Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kyle and Jackie O are not to blame claim ''raped'' girls' Aunts and cousin!!!

Well it would seem that the story of Kyle and Jackie O is ongoing. While being in hiding, and banned from saying anything at all my their network, AusStereo, the girls' aunts and cousin has now done a story on Channel 9's, A Current Affair.

Wonder how much they got paid for it????

So the two aunts were sitting there, being interviewed by Tracy Grimshaw (who was done over by Gordon fucking Ramsey), asking them personal, intimate questions about their niece.


They were too afraid to show their ''actual faces'' on tv. They were blurred.

Talk about gutless!!!!

They blamed the girl for lying, claiming she had not been raped and had ''had sex'' with the boy. Apparently, according to one aunt who wasn't even there at the time, the girl, the boy and another girl were all in the bedroom. The aunt claimed they ''would have been drunk''.

What!?!?!?! You mean you don't know???? Of course you don't you dumb bitch, because you weren't there. What you're doing makes you as bad as your fucking sister, who knew, and STILL dragged her daughter into the radio station.

What it comes down to is this. The girl has problems. On channel 9 a year or so ago, we had a reality tv show, that followed our cops around, tracking down runaway kids, people etc, and this particular girl was one of them.

Yes, she caused a lot of problems for her mother, and the aunt claimed the mother left her home to move in with her daughter to help her for almost two months.

That in itself didn't make much sense. And this family wonders why it's screwed in the head.

But still not the point.

The point is, this daughter has not received counselling of any kind, and the mother is fucked in the head.

I can see where she gets it from, so's her sister.

Even the cousin claimed the girl was a liar and making it all up.

And their general consensus was, that they did damage to Kyle and Jackie O and not the other way around. That they felt sorry for Kyle for what he'd been put through.

I wholeheartedly agree!!!!!!

But the family is still screwed in the head!!!!

Regardless, the girl has problems and needs help, the mother needs a good punch in the head, and the family is as bad as each other.

One way or another, Kyle is not to blame, as it still comes down to the mother who dragged an underage child through all the shit she has.


Jewels xxoo

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