Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kyle and Jackie O are back in action! But followed by more controversy!!!!

Kyle and Jackie O are back at work today, with their sincere apologies about the ''stunt'' from two weeks ago, of strapping a girl to a lie detector and asking her about her sex life.
The problem is, people are still blaming them for the ''stunt'' and saying their apology is not good enough.

The radio network has made some changes and given them a 7 second delay in broadcasting (which most radio stations already have but for some reason never uses it).
But it would seem that controversy has followed them back to work, with a ''stunt'' from back in March, where they wanted to help the family of a disabled child by asking pople to help the family by donating money.
Now, this is not a ''stunt'' and it's something that many radio stations do across the country. A family member or friend will write a letter or email into the radio station, expecting help or money from everyone else instead of pulling their heads out of their backsides and helping themselves.
It's nothing new, and it will more than likely continue for the good of the community. Although I refuse to participate because I don't believe the community should pay for everybody's problems.
The problem with it, is that just like in telethons, bushfire or tsunami appeals, Red Cross donations etc, for all the people who say they'll donate, they have to ACTUALLY SEND THE MONEY IN!!!!!!
The radio station ''raised'' $150,000 on air, $35,000 of that Kyle offered from his own account.

The problem is, that when the family went in to claim what they thought was going to be a check for $150,000, they only got a check for $50,000 and an eight page list of people's names that said they would donate, and were told to chase up the money themselves.
Now, whoever gave them the list, and told them to do that was completely wrong, and should be severely reprimanded over that, but the radio station IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the fact that people wanted to get themselves on radio to look good and donate money, and then don't come through with the cash.
But alas, Kyle and Jackie are being blamed for that too.
Kyle only gave $20,000, and is now being pushed to donate the last $15,000. That's Kyle's problem to deal with, and he has to resolve that within himself.
But what about all those people that said they would donate and then didn't?
Shame on you you scuzzy arseholes!!!!
So now an airline has come through and paid the last $85,000 that was left and acting like they're the heroes of the story because they offered the money.
All of this is just another way of blasting Kyle and Jackie. Everyone wants to jump on the band-wagon and blame them for the glaciers melting, for global warming, hell, they'll even be blamed if pigs flew, and hell froze over.
The family sounded a little selfish for expecting the whole amount in a check, and are comlpaining about it even though they got $75,000 out of Austereo and Kyle. And now they've got the other $85,000 out of the airline. Hopefully they'll shut the hell up and go away.
I am so sick and fucking tired of everyone jumping on the Kyle and Jackie band-wagon. Other radio personalities have gotten into trouble for taking cash for comments about certain business, for mouthing off about things they shouldn't have, for mentioning rapist's, or murderer's names when the trial was going on, and they shouldn't have said anything.
So get off the FUCKING BAND-WAGON and let them get on with it!!!
Jewels xxoo


  1. ... I didn't read this article, and I don't know who these people are. I blame media censorship for my lack of gossip education.

  2. This is a worthless piece of shit blog.

  3. If you don't read the article then don't bother leaving a comment.

    And as for anonymous, piss off then and don't read it you gutless wonder!!!


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