Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kyle and Jackie O are back in action! Again!!!!!!!

So the saga seems like it may finally be over.
A report on Yahoo states -
Radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O will return to radio next week, their employer Austereo says.
The 2Day FM shock jocks have been off air since August 3 following outrage over a live on air stunt a few days earlier in which a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector and quizzed about her sexual history.

In a statement on Thursday afternoon, Austereo chairman Peter Harvie and chief executive Michael Anderson said they were standing by the duo, who would be back on air on Tuesday.

"Through an internal review, 2DAYFM has identified certain procedures that allowed this segment to go to air," the statement said. "Following this review, 2DAYFM stands behind Kyle and Jackie O."

The statement said the station had implemented new procedures. "The station has implemented new structures and systems in relation to the use of time delay, pre-recording and procedures dealing with interviews, to avoid a repetition of the occurrence on 29 July 2009," it said. "2DAY FM and Kyle and Jackie O understand the gravity of this matter, sincerely regret the segment and apologise to the participants and audiences who were offended."
Can we all say this is over??????????????
Jewels xxoo


  1. Thank fuck its all over. im so sick of hearing about it.

    but... whats going to happen now. they are going to be walking on egg shells the whole time. Its most likely going to be quite yawn worthy.

  2. If they are now restricted in what they can say it's going to be as boring as batshit!!


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