Monday, August 24, 2009

Homeless man claims he earns $400 a day by begging in the street. FUCK OFF AND GET A JOB YA LAZY BASTARD!!!!

Back on the 14th of july, I made a post about homeless people getting off their arse, getting a job and stop expecting the rest of the country to support you.

Well, it now turns out, that we do support you.

One homeless prick, who likes to sit on his arse for 16 hours a day has now claimed that he ''earns'' $400 dollars a day in donations, or about $50,000 a year.

Here's the story and all its gory details - Street life ... Homeless man Ken Johnson in the city.

THE hours are long and the work monotonous, but begging pays well for at least one of Sydney's homeless men who earns up to $50,000 a year from good samaritans.

Ken Johnson, 52, makes his living at George and Market St, outside the Myer store in Sydney's CBD, where he sits for up to 16 hours daily, seven days a week. On a good day, he said, he takes in $400 from generous passers-by. On slower days, he still picks up amounts between $75 and $150. "I'd be really disappointed if I did a long Friday and I only had $250,'' said Mr Johnson, who has been living on the streets ``since the late '90s''. ''I knock off when I feel like it, or if I've done brilliantly. But on those good days, you might be on such a high that you go for a few more hours and get a bit more money.''

Mr Johnson wouldn't say how much he earned last year. But he did reveal that donated coins and notes are stashed in a safe place, before being taken to a bank branch and deposited in his account several times a week. Some of the money is given to a friend. Asked what he used the money for, he told The Sunday Telegraph he did not smoke, drink nor take drugs, but was raising money to help the friend who needs a liver transplant.Mr Johnson displays a sign that reads: ``Needing support for major family exp(enses) including just heaps for medicine. Paying up is a big grind. Please leave me alone, if you are the abusive nasty sort.''

When The Sunday Telegraph caught up with him last Wednesday, business had been good. In 20 minutes, he collected $30 in coins and notes. One woman handed him $10."I've had three hours off today,'' he said, after treating himself to a breakfast from Hungry Jack's. "I got a $20 note earlier, so I'm sitting on about $60 for the day and the afternoon rush is still to come. There's a general rule in donating and that is that people are more likely to help out when they are towards the end of their day, when they're happy and heading home.''

His tax-free income might sound fine but, unlike most jobs, there's no sick leave nor superannuation plan. He does not draw welfare because ``it makes you feel like a cripple''.Mr Johnson said he could not afford to rent and lived on the streets because the money had been spent to pay for bills for his friend. "Most hostels don't have space to store things and to rent a small unit just costs too much when you're at stress point,'' he said.

Originally from Newcastle, he said he came to Sydney ``in the 1990s'' to fight a court battle against the RTA, seeking to have part of the Pacific Highway at Swansea deemed illegal."Inner-city accommodation was, and still is, just off the face of the earth _ it's just too expensive,'' he said. ``I was unemployed at the time, so decided to sleep on some concrete steps while I was in Sydney and I just got used to it.''

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures from the 2006 Census show 27,374 homeless people in NSW.An Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) spokeswoman said ``rough sleepers'' represented about 16 per cent of the homeless. She said many turned to begging because government welfare did not cover costs, and ``for those who do receive income support, payments may be inadequate to meet the costs of temporary accommodation and food. The Newstart unemployment payment is about $32 a day."Of those who do sleep on the street, only a tiny minority choose to do so, as a lifestyle choice. For most people who are homeless, there is no choice.''

However, I did the math.

$400 a day x 7 days in a week = $ 2,800

$2,800 x 52 weeks in the year = $ 145,600

So someone seriously has their maths wrong.


I wonder if the tax department will now chase after him for their money.


The rest of us work hard for our money, why the hell shouldn't he. Although he probably does think sitting on his arse for 16 hours a day is hard work.


How the hell can people even afford to give away so much money in a recession and when we're all whinging that we don't have enough money. You people must have rocks in ya head.

Jewels xxoo


  1. Thanks for stopping by and checking out Nic's response.

    I've only ever given to a homeless person ONCE and that was because I had a name tag on from a seminar and he caught me off guard by calling me by name. I'm glad now. They earn more than me. A lot more.

  2. randomly i saw that guy tonight... i have seen him a few times but today he has a new sign... his sign says he is "financial difficulty "family". "

    what his family cannot live off the above figures?? why the fuck should we give them our hard earned money that we have to get up and work for everyday whilst they sit there on their asses with a hat laid at their feet expecting money to come to them.

  3. I noticed the 'homeless' man standing at the end of the highway exit ramp was chatting on his cellphone one day -- a couple minutes later --- he put his cellphone away and held up his homeless sign.

    If homeless how do you have a phone? Am I paying for your cellphone bill?

  4. I left you something to pick up...

  5. Yeah, it's no news that being homeless has now become a serious business. And seriously, you really think he's going to quit his gig when he earns so much by doing so little?! Me don't think so. What he's doing is not that far off from those pricks at Wall Street, if you ask me.

    Here, we have people fighting for the "best street corner" that will be more profitable, they even know at which hours to be on what corner street... Even teenagers now pick this "homeless business" as a week-end job to earn some extra cash. It's not general or super popular, but it has definitively increased over the last few years.

    I'm just amazed that even if people know that some homeless earns that much, and that we warn them, they just continue to give money. We cannot generalize, some homeless are really in a dark pit without a penny, but those who make it a business fuck it all up for the rest of them who really wants help - not $help$, real help - to get out of the streets and make a decent living.

  6. I need to move there! :)

    I can't help but give to the homeless if I see them. I have to say though that our homeless don't dress as spiffy as this guy does.

  7. LMAO to all the comments above.

    I read someone's reply at another blog, I think, they offered to buy the homeless person a pie, because the guy said he wanted money for food. But when offered, he refused to have the pie. And the blogger said, he couldn't have been too hungry if he didn't accept it.

    And unfortunately, I think that's what alot of them are like. They sit there and whinge that they're hungry and want food, but when you offer them food they tell you to shove it, that they want the money instead.

    What the hell does that say about people who are too arse lazy to get of their fat arse and get a job!!!

    The next time you see a homeless person, offer them food instead, and see how they react. That will tell you just how ''desperate'' they are for food.

  8. so what do you say to a woman who has left their abusive partner only to find out they're pregnant, with no where to go?


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